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Championing open activism in decentralized governance : the Seed of Paladin’s ecosystem

A lot has happened over the past nine months of development for Paladin. From a successful hackathon in January, where everything began, to our latest testnet this summer.

We gambled that current crypto communities would see the same potential in governance that we did. The response has been amazing and has fueled us to strive for a more ambitious scale.

We want to democratize activism.

In order to walk the talk, we raised a $2.55M Seed Round, led by Greenfield One and with the participation of Galaxy Digital, NFX, Semantic and almost twenty angels.

This funding round will allow us to keep developing Paladin Lending, expand on new (ve)tokens and remain at the forefront of meta-governance and vote lending.

It has also allowed us to hire more developers to focus on our second product dedicated to delegates.

Our vision and focus

The days where a small elite monopolizes the access to decision-making will soon be over. We’re building a constellation of dApps that will reduce friction in governance participation and allow a broader spectrum of users to play the Governance Game.

The first of which is a vote lending protocol enabling token holders to lend the voting power linked to their AAVE, COMP, UNI and StkAAVE in a non custodial way, in return for a yield. This concept enables liquid governance in DeFi and will be the stepping stone of our more ambitious long term vision.

Expect us soon

Mainnet release is set to for September 30th, join us and share the glory of activism.



Paladin is a governance lending protocol transforming your voting power into a new money lego

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