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You might come to this at any time in your life. You don’t *have* to be Pale or Male, but it helps. You feel stale and stuck. Nothing seems to work anymore. You might hit this at forty, or twenty-eight or you might be lucky and hold out till fifty-two but it’s likely that at some point, just because of the way we live now, you’ll find yourself feeling like shit and not knowing why. There’s something wrong with you but you don’t know what. Or, there’s nothing *wrong* with you, but you just don’t feel as happy, peaceful and fulfilled as you thought you would by now.

This blog is meant to help. It will mostly be a series of confessions of my own character flaws and ways of dealing with them. I hope that you’re helped by finding identification, by knowing that it’s not just you who feels this way. I can help more directly too. If you like what you find here, you might decide to work with me on making things better for yourself and the people around you. If you get in touch, we can have a chat and see what that might look like.

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