Climate Action Blog Series: Take Local Climate Action This Earth Month

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This April reduce your carbon footprint and create a low-waste lifestyle in celebration of Earth Day and Earth Month. To help get you started, we are sharing sustainability and climate action community events, earth-friendly programs, tools, and workshops. Love our Earth and support community health, together we can have a global impact.


April is full of opportunities to get involved in sustainability and climate action. Attend a workshop or webinar to learn something new or celebrate Earth Day, Saturday April 22, with your neighbors.

View the full list Earth Month events here.

Notable events include:

Love our Earth Festival — A free event celebrating the planet with information about a host of actions we can collectively take to address the climate crisis. Takes place on Saturday, April 22, learn more and register here.

Earth Day at Rinconda: Resource Fair — Join the City’s Utilities and Public Works departments and other community partners to learn about energy-saving strategies and tools. Takes place on Saturday, April 22, learn more and register here.

March & Rally for Climate Justice — Stand up for climate justice! Unite with us to build community, raise our voices and eat delicious free food. Takes place on Saturday, April 22, learn more and register here.


Even small choices create big results. Learn more about actions you can take to support the environment this Earth Month — and all year long — below.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Going Electric at Home

Buildings are the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Palo Alto. When you switch out gas-powered appliances for electric ones, they are powered by the City’s 100% renewable energy, reducing emissions to zero. Switching to electric is better for the environment, your wallet, and your health.

Even switching one appliance, like your furnace, water heater, or stove to electric can have a huge impact on your home’s carbon impact. Start here.

Site visits have begun for the City’s new electric water heater program. Be part of the community for change by upgrading your water heater. Learn more.

Support Local Biodiversity by Starting a Native Garden

Get ready for spring by planting a native plant garden. Native plants save water and support local biodiversity because they are adapted to our local climate. Valley Water offers landscaping guides that can help you get started. Attend this upcoming Turf Removal and Garden Transformation workshop for direct support.

Compost can also help your garden thrive. Free compost is available to Palo Alto residents or attend a Home Composting Workshop to learn how to make your own.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Fuel-Efficient Rides through Palo Alto Link, the City’s new ride-share service

On-road transportation, which includes single-occupancy vehicle trips, is the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Palo Alto. Reduce your carbon footprint by using Caltrain or Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) for longer trips this month.

If you don’t live near a transit station, the new City rideshare service Palo Alto Link can connect you to transit options. This affordable, on-demand service will take you to almost any destination in Palo Alto in an eco-friendly vehicle.

Reduce Carbon Emissions by Walking or Biking for Local Trips

Choose to walk or bike for your next local trip instead of reaching for your car keys. A Bureau of Transportation study estimates that half of all daily trips were less than three miles, and 28% were less than one mile. Instead of using a vehicle to travel short distances, walking and biking can get you there without producing any carbon emissions.

Interested in biking but don’t know where to start? VTA and Silicon Valley Biking Coalition offer free adult biking classes covering biking for your commute, road safety, commuting in inclement weather, and more. View the full schedule here.

Save Water with these Tools

With all the rain this winter, it is easy to forget the importance of reducing water use. In fact, many parts of California are still experiencing drought conditions. Prepare for the upcoming dry season by learning more about your water use and identifying opportunities for reductions.

Palo Alto Utilities customers can see a breakdown of where you use the most water inside and outside of your home with the new WaterSmart tool. Plus, learn how you can optimize your water usage with efficiency tips and rebate recommendations customized to your household. Try it out here.

Repair and Reuse to Reduce Waste

The fashion industry is one of the world’s leading producers of waste. When thinking about purchasing new clothes, the most sustainable option is always something you already own. Attend this community workshop to learn how to mend your old clothes and reduce waste.

Wondering what else in your home you might be able to repair and reuse? Bring your broken items to a quarterly Repair Café or volunteer to help repair things for others.


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