How to develop a successful Influencer Marketing strategy?

Why target influencers?

Companies now deeply understand the need to include influencers in their communication strategy, in a social media campaign but also in certain press relation types of campaigns. The typical profile of the contemporary influencer is no longer confined to the mere holder of a blog.

60% of professionals cite experts as a lever of influence to consider. 40% cite the Youtubers, the Instagramers or the Twittos. 93% of communication and marketing professionals have noticed that influencer marketing strategies have improved their visibility.

7 Tips for Successful Influencer Marketing Strategies

Influencer marketing is a particular category of marketing whose advantages and benefits are very different of that of other marketing styles.

1 / Define the typical profile of influencers you seek

Try to describe your picture-perfect customer:

Man, woman, teenager, adult, dance, art, music, photos, singer, cook, blonde, dry skin, first adopter, phones fan, sporty, rock’n roll, creative, father or mother. But also geographical location, average income, etc…

2 / Identify the right influencers

Each brand has influencers in its typical target profile, there are many ways to accompany you to identify your sector’s influencers.

Invest time in the research of influencers who are gravitate around topics related to your brand or dealing with the same issues as yours. It is necessary to identify relevant influencers within your target communities. To optimize this research, you can be assisted by a marketing platform such as Pample specialized in influencer marketing.

3 / Measure your influencers’ audience

The reach through one influencer might not be as large as traditional media, but much more specific and more likely to interact. Do not stay focused on the number of followers, but rather build a network of influencers giving you access to smaller but more powerful communities.

4 / Talk with your influencers

Influencers know their audiences and are able to create content that interest them. Work hand in hand with influencers to understand the themes they want to address.

Then come back to them with relevant and regular content, and you will see your traffic increase! Build your strategy on the basis of those feedbacks.

5 / Disseminate quality content

Place your brand as a credible source of information through case studies, best practices and customer testimonials. You need to create new opportunities for your influencers to expand their expertise on the subject. Messages are perceived as more authentic and attractive when they are shared by an influencer.

Content types may vary:

Teasing, KPIs, casting, production, contest, tutorial, photo shooting, relay of white papers, webinars, infographics, articles, videos, studies …

You can supplement those with specific events whether they are festive, playful or informative.

6 / Measure the effectiveness of your strategy

Capture the engagement potential of your influencer marketing strategy.

The various indicators to take into account to measure the effectiveness of your influencer marketing strategy are the following:

KPI’s, Likes, Comments, Reach, Hits, Performance, Conversion to store, Participations, Positive Commitment, Followers, Photos, Retweets, Regram, New Visitors, Facebook, Engagement Rate, Performance.

7 / Make the relationship last

Orchestrate carefully your contacts and interactions, create and share regularly high-value content with the influencers and their communities.

The Challenges of a Good Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing allows you to highlight your brand and your projects, tell stories that convey powerful messages to a qualified audience with the support of the best advocates.

Influencers are, for your brand, a way to build your credibility, create authenticity and boost your traffic to generate qualified leads.

Implementing a successful influencer marketing strategy resides in building authentic ties with your key influencers. Offer them the opportunity to share authentic and quality experiences with their communities.

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