Happy Birthday Pamplona L.A.!

Taking a look back into the beginnings of our Los Angeles chapter

From left to right: Quim Mas (CEO of Pamplona BCN), Kirill Yusim and Carla Roda (CEOs of Pamplona L.A.).

Opening a business is a big feat for anyone, but for our CEO Carla Roda, it is in her blood. Her parents opened a theater and theater school during her youth, so starting a business like Pamplona 89 came naturally to her.

After finding success with our Barcelona chapter, Roda initially traveled to America to further her education and boost her resume, rather than expand the business.

“I did not want to expand to be honest. […] we knew that the competition out of Barcelona would be huge,” said Roda when asked about why she opened a space in Los Angeles. “But then I met Kirill, who is actually now my husband.”

When Kirill Yusim, her husband, asked her to stay in California with him Roda proposed to open a Pamplona location in L.A. Initially, Yusim refused, but after much convincing the two began to look for a space.

The couple settled on a loft and decided to invest in it. They turned the space from a loft in the middle of a warehouse crowded street to a space where creatives and small businesses can make a home for their work. It was at this moment that Roda realized that the friends’ community she created with Mas had truly become a business.

A virtual tour of the Pamplona 89 L.A. space.

The Los Angeles chapter has had a slow start and while there are a number of residents, it mostly sustains itself by hosting events and workshops, and acting as a film location for various projects. Though Roda is thankful for the business that she is getting, she hopes to re-establish the coworking aspect of the company.

“I think what our space offers is that people don’t just come in with a computer and work, it’s more a community [where you are] able to share what you are doing and get some advice from other people,” Roda argued in regards to the coworking competition in L.A.

Ultimately, Roda hopes to have the same sense of community in the L.A. chapter as there is in Barcelona.

The one year anniversary of the L.A. chapter is fast approaching and we hope you take this opportunity to spend some time with our community. Meet our CEOs and current residents, and explore our space!

It is a free event so we encourage you to bring a friend, family member, or a business partner. Our hope is that this celebration will allow you to make connections with new people. Be sure to RSVP today!

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