$PAMP — Airdrops for Scammed Victims

Scamala Pamperson
May 2 · 2 min read

What is this all about and how can I get some $PAMP?

Within $PAMP’s tokenomics, our team has allocated 24% of our total supply, starting at 240 Billion tokens to be used as a relief fund for victims who have participated in token sales with project owners who have rugged the liquidity pool, or for those that purchased scam tokens where the contract creator made it so traders cannot approve or sell their tokens after buying.

The community has voted for a 0.5% weekly distribution or 2% total per month to be dispersed to these crypto communities.

As this is a community project, every week members in our @pampofficial telegram group will be able to suggest and vote for scam projects for victims to receive these relief tokens.

This will also help keep the community united and give something exciting to discuss about weekly instead of letting the project slowly die away.

We will gather token holders from etherscan of scammed projects and do a bulk airdrop at the end of each week.

In addition, $PAMP is here to present the community with limited NFT Trading Cards with exclusive unlockable perks to help cope with life, rugburns, #NSFW pleasures with special use case.

Promotional campaigns will roll out for each NFT release and will be auctioned off on NFT Exchanges such as Rarible or Opensea. All the funds raised from these NFT sales and their aftersales commission will be used to buy back $PAMP token with 80% burned to activate the RFI mechanism to keep on rewarding holders and 20% being deposited back into the relief foundation fund.

The NFT buy back mechanism combined with RFI distribution will naturally increase the amount of token a person is holding over time as well as the price appreciation of tokens being purchased and burned from the NFT sales.




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