Hot Springs

The first thing we did in Costa Rica was go to one of the hot springs. There are several of them in the region due to being so close to an active volcano. They just drill down enough and they have access to piping hot water. They even have a hot water river here. Steam coming off the river as it guess by. Not great for fishing but pretty impressive 🐟🎣🐠

There are several hotels that have set up here and drilled down to create these hot springs on their own grounds. We had booked a visit to a resort called ‘The Springs’. It is actually the place that they film the American reality TV programme ‘The Bachelor’. Not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing but it’s a thing anyway 😁

The hotel has created a really impressive layout for the hot springs. There were about a dozen separate springs of different temperatures. The first was around 40 Celsius so it was pretty toasty. They had a pool bar then in the main spring a you could wander up and get a cocktail and head over to the other springs. I had asked our guide earlier about their most popular ‘poitin’ like drink and he said it was made with ‘guaro’. They have a shot then called chilli-guaro which is made with a tabasco like sauce, lime juice, Worcester sauce and guaro. The barman was impressed we knew about it and whipped up two on the house as well as a free shit of their own Costa Rican run 🍹🇨🇷

We spent about 90 mins in the hot springs. You could have spent longer but we also had booked dinner there so we went for that and then got dropped back to our lodge. The tours do all the pick ups and drop offs so you don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s really handy to get from one place to the other. Tomorrow we are doing white water rafting and canyoning so that sounds pretty cool. Until then as they are fond of saying here ‘pura vida’.

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