Introducing the New Panaseer Labs Blog


Welcome to the new home of the Panaseer Labs blog! We’ve moved from our self-hosted blog to Medium with the aim of engaging and sharing our perspective with the wider community. Our blog will continue to serve as the portal through which we can showcase the work (and play) that goes on behind the scenes at Panaseer that lead to our innovative products.

At Panaseer, we combine data science on big data platforms to build products that solve fundamental cyber security questions for our customers. Our mission is to help secure digital businesses from cyber threats, by helping them do the basics right, what we call ‘Cyber Hygiene’. You can read more about our product on our website.

On here, you’ll continue to hear the voice of our very own ‘seers. The team is pumped about using Medium as a creative outlet to share tales of their adventures at Panaseer. Our product team is truly multi-disciplinary — combining data platform engineers, front-end engineers, data scientists, product managers and client success who all work together. With this diversity, we hope to give you a unique and hands-on perspective from actual practitioners doing data-driven cyber security, to share stories on challenges faced and lessons learned so that the community can benefit.

To kick us off, a couple of our front-end engineers, Anton von Borries & Florian Brett, have just released a charming post about the day in the life of a front-ender at Panaseer, giving you an intimate feel for our culture and the way we build products.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll talk about a broad range of topics revolving around:

  • How we apply robust data science to provide visibility into and drive action to improve an organisation’s cyber hygiene
  • The big data platforms that we architect and build to allow us to answer cyber security questions with data
  • The novel visualisations and interactions we design to drive our insights home with our users
  • How we build products through scaling our processes and tools, and growing our people and culture

I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about our experiences. If you read anything that you like, please do reach out to our authors to find out more. We’re a friendly bunch and we’re always curious to learn from others who share a passion for technology and cyber security.

In the meantime, here are some other ways to stay in touch:

  • You can follow us on Twitter (@panaseer_team)
  • If you’re ever in London, why not drop in to our offices and share a drink with us — Panabeers every Friday from 5PM, our door is always open
  • If you’d like to find out about opportunities at Panaseer, head on over to our careers page. We’re always on the lookout for talented and ambitious individuals