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12 hours of flipping cakes!

“Pancakes don’t make the world go ‘round.” (apparently…)

But PancakeSwap has been making BSC go ‘round.

For the past 12 hours, PancakeSwap has grown fast and sits with a total net value locked worth $27 million, achieving a peak of over $35 million a few hours ago.

Wait! PancakeSwap is also different from other AMM exchanges with its two tokens: CAKE and SYRUP.

Fun fact: more people use CAKE than BTCB!

CAKE tokens are currently held by 475 addresses, making it one of the top 10 largest assets on Binance Smart Chain. They have been transferred by more than 1,048 unique addresses!

CAKE has been transferred more than 65,000 times, while 650,000+ CAKE tokens have been minted. And the number keeps growing!

What about the delicious SYRUP?

SYRUP x CAKE is a perfect match, according to the chef. Woody & Buzz, Bonnie & Clyde, Salt & Pepper… would pancakes be as delicious without some syrup?

In PancakeSwap, 25% of CAKE total emissions are distributed to SYRUP holders at every block. Users can claim these rewards and re-invest them to earn more CAKE.

SYRUP tokens are currently held by 301 addresses and have seen fewer than 7,000 transfer transactions in total (these smart people receive 25% of the total issuance of CAKE onto SYRUP!). SYRUP represents ~40% of the entire CAKE issued.

Do you feel juicy enough to accept any potential impairment loss on your BNB? In that case, you might want to try earning even more CAKE by providing liquidity to the CAKE-BNB pool.

The battle for food dominance will continue on Binance Smart Chain. BURGER, the chef is coming at you!


Chef Hops



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