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Hello CAKE holders! 🥞

We will have the next IFO with ESPL Arena on Januraty 16th. We held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Pochi from the ESPL Arena team to get to know the project more! If you missed participating in the AMA, read this article and learn about their project. This time, a global esports tournament and platform provider.

What is IFO?

IFO (Initial Farm Offering) is the event in which you can buy brand new tokens using CAKE tokens🥞

How to participate?

Read the detailed instructions on our document site 👇

Please refer to the IFO page on our website!👇

ESPL Arena IFO will be held with our new IFO format. To learn more about it, check out this Medium article:👇

Opening Words From ESPL Arena

Pochi: Hi! I’m Pochi, I’m a community manager at ESPL, focusing on our journey into web3 and today I’m super excited to tell you all about the next part of our adventure! The ESports Players’ League or ESPL is a well-established esports tournament platform with a strong presence in South East Asia, hosting over 700 tournaments yearly since 2019 and reaching over 33 million global users. Our portfolio investors include 500 Startup, Genting Ventures, Warner Music, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) and Arcanum Capital.

ESPL Arena is our next exciting adventure and we’re going into blockchain! I’m excited to talk to you today about how ESPL Arena is going to supercharge the User-Generated Tournament (UGT) scene.

Let’s begin with the Questions!

[Q1] ESPL is doing its own token? What will $ARENA be used for?

$ARENA will be used as the lifeblood of the ESPL UGT platform and will be used by players to pay entry fees for tournaments with $ARENA prize pools. We’re building an ecosystem that will position $ARENA as the centre of our esports economy and will etch competitive players’ winnings into the blockchain.

[Q2] Tell us more about what this UGT thing is.

I’m glad you asked! In general, when we think of esports we see it from either the perspective of a spectator or a gamer. With UGT, we’re democratising esports so that anyone can now also be a tournament host! With our UGT platform, you’ll be able to run tournaments for almost any game by providing players with an easy-to-use score submission system that will automatically rank players and when the tournament concludes, the prizes will be automatically distributed in the form of our new $ARENA token that we’re launching!

[Q3] If players submit their own scores how will you prevent cheating?

Our system is designed such that in the event of a discrepancy, the conflict will be detected and a marshal will need to step in to mediate. This process will effectively prevent the prize distribution from taking place until the conflict is resolved. Tournament organisers will have to mediate or nominate a marshal for tournaments to ensure a smooth flow.

[Q4] What kind of games can be used for tournaments on ESPL Arena?

Almost any kind of game can be played at the ESPL Arena’s tournaments plaform. The system works best with multiplayer experiences that have scoreboards so that scores can be easily verified by marshal.

Come see for yourself at

[Q5] This is an ambitious project, how will you onboard gamers into web3 for this to be successful?

We are implementing a custodial wallet feature into the ESPL Arena so that those who win prizes can receive them more conveniently without having to be walked through the process of setting up a non-custodial wallet like Metamask.

We want to let gamers focus on their gameplay and keep their head in the game. Our custodial wallet system uses smart contracts to create secure wallets that are protected from a single point of failure using air-gapped key management system.

Live Q&A

[Q1] Can you talk bit to us about the team working on the ESPL ARENA project! What are their backgrounds? How many of you are currently engaged in it?

ESPL is strategically partnereD with gaming veterans like iCandy Interactive who have massive gaming experience across the industry from triple.

A games to metaverse projects. Esports is an exciting frontier and we believe in working with the best to bring it to web3.

[Q2] Does playing games ESPL costs a large amount of investment or entry fees ? What are the requirements for joining games on ESPL Arena ?

This is up to the tournament organiser, which can be anyone at all. You can host free tournaments all the way up to high stakes esports championships on the platform. As an organiser you can determine the entry fee and how much goes towards the prize pool.

While we give gamers a straightforward experience, organisers get to experience fine controls to build their perfect tournament. We take care of the infrastructure for this to happen.

[Q3] What motivated you to start this project?Is there a good project that you are inspired by?

There’s a lot of exciting new projects in Blockchain gaming, games which use NFTs, play-and-earn games etc, they’re all great — but most of the gaming population is still in web2, especially in competitive gaming. We are choosing this as our audience because when we bring gamers into web3, we believe this is where everyone wins.

[Q4] There are 195 countries in the world. But ESPL is currently available only in 16 countries. So do you have plans to integrate with more countries?

This is our plan! UGT will be available worldwide so everyone can participate in the web3 revolution for esports. As a team ESPL’s resources were stretched thin organising tournaments largely in southeast Asia. Today with the Blockchain we can reach the rest of the world.

[Q5] What are the minimum requirements to host a User Generated Tournament ??

You just need to sign up for an account and you will be able to host a tournament. You may connect your wallet or use our custodial wallet in order to add digital assets to the prize pool.

The system is open to anyone so feel free to use it for your community game night. Just because we are ESPL doesn’t mean that only big shot gamers and pro players can use the platform. ESPL Arena and UGT is open to everyone!

ESPL Arena Quiz!!

The ESPL Arena team prepared a few questions in a form, this form was shared and it remained open for 5 minutes. Users had to fill their public wallet address (not their private keys), Answers and Telegram/Discord username. 25 Users who answered all the questions correctly won prizes!

If you want to participate in this kind of events, follow up in our social channels to find out when the next AMA will be!

Final Words from ESPL Arena

Congratulations to all the winners. But everyone here is also a winner. UGT is our gift to web3 and to all of you. We hope you can use it to bring your friends and family into the wonderful world of web3.

I know it’s been a long bear market for all of us so it’s been a while since I’ve said this — but everyone wins when we bring gaming to web3, so WAGMI!!

That’s all from AMA! It was a very informative Q & A session.

Don’t forget that we will have the IFO on Januraty 16th, MARK THE DATE📅

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