AMA with Zebec Protocol, the next Syrup Pool and Farm in PancakeSwap

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Hello CAKE holders! 🥞

We launched a new Syrup Pool and Farm with Zebec Protocol.

We held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the BD Senior JJ Ortiz from the Zebec Protocol team to get to know the project more! If you missed participating in the AMA, read this article and learn about their project. This time, a multi-chain continuous settlement protocol

What is PancakeSwap Pools?

Syrup Pools are the simplest way to earn tokens on PancakeSwap. You just need to stake your CAKE and relax while you earn tokens. It’s really that easy.

Additionally, Syrup Pools allow us to bring new and exciting projects to the PancakeSwap ecosystem, giving users the opportunity to earn tokens about these projects without the need to buy them — simply by depositing CAKE. New to Syrup Pools? No problem, you can check our docs here.🥞

What is PancakeSwap Farms?

Yield farming allows users to earn CAKE while supporting PancakeSwap by staking LP Tokens. Farms require you to trade two tokens to get LP Tokens, which you then stake in the Farm to earn rewards. This allows you to earn rewards while keeping a position in your other tokens.

We designed the product experience to be consistent across different blockchains. Therefore, if you are a seasonal farm user on BNB Smart Chain, you will feel right at home when farming on Aptos. If you are new to liquidity farming, check out our How to Use Farms guide to get started.

Opening Words From Zebec Protocol

My name is JJ Ortiz — Senior Account Exec here at Zebec. I deal with all of the Sales and BD aspects of the company and have been with Zebec since March 2022. Super excited to be here with you guys today and thanks for your guys time!

Zebec is a multi-chain continuous settlement protocol. It introduces streaming finance technology, provides an easy to use Multi-sig Treasury Management app for projects to safely manage assets, as well as Per-Second token distribution and vesting services.

The project started back in Nov 2021 in the Solana blockchain. Since then, Zebec has raised over $40M in Series Funding, and over 100 Solana projects use Zebec’s product suite. In October 2022, we started our expansion into the BNB Chain ecosystem, and our Payment Streaming offering was released in December 2022.

We look forward to working continuously with projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem and helping them streamline their Payroll and Multi-sig infrastructure!

Let’s begin with the Questions!

[Q1] Zebec has a lot of products in its suite and that you guys have been developing. Can you give us a breakdown of Zebec’s Product Suite?

For sure. Here is a breakdown of our current Product Suite. We will get more in depth into some other ones in the next questions!

V2 — we updated our main Dapp to let users enjoy a seamless experience when sending payments and working with a Multi-sig. Zebec V2 is more secure, with a better user interface (UI) and provides an ultra smooth experience.

BNB Chain — We have recently deployed our Dapp onto the BNB Chain ecosystem. BNB Chain provides a fast and cost efficient blockchain for transactions to take place. Therefore, providing a safe and easy way to streamline the payment processes amongst employees is a must!

Horizon — Operation Horizon is the code name for our Zebec Chain! Zebec is building its own POS blockchain. This will shed light onto our Continuous Settlement Technology, and will bring more projects to build in our ecosystem. Anybody that wants to be a part of the blockchain, can go to and learn more about the blockchain and how to be a part of the project!

[Q2] There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Zebec Card. What is the Zebec Card? How can people apply and what are some of the features and benefits of the Zebec Card?

Absolutely. Definitely excited for our POS Blockchain when it releases.

Debit Card — Zebec was the first Solana project to partner up with VISA. Releasing Debit Cards is a long process which involves different parties before it can be released to the public.

We are releasing our brand new virtual and physical Zebec Cards in the US and EU. This will expand Zebec’s Product Suite onto the retail market, and will provide a way for crypto and web3 newbies to see that Crypto does have in real life (IRL) utilities.

Launch date should be January for EU cards. US cards should launch around February.

[Q3] Why did you guys decide to move into the BNB Chain ecosystem? How has it been so far and what are some of your plans moving forward in the BNB Chain ecosystem?

According to DeFiLlama, the BNB Chain ecosystem is the 3rd biggest ecosystem in the Defi space. We are exploring a blockchain that is fast and cost efficient, while at the same time having a great ecosystem full of projects we could help out.

The BNB Chain ecosystem provides exactly that and we thought it was a great step forward after we had done a great job in the Solana world. We are super excited to see what the BNB Chain ecosystem can bring us.

[Q4 ] What is the Zebec Chain?

The Zebec Chain is Zebec’s own Blockchain. It’s a payment focused on Layer 1 Chain. We will enable developers to spin up app-specific rollups which use the Solana VM for execution, offering 100,000+ transactions per second (TPS).

These app-specific roll ups will share a zero-knowledge settlement layer. For data availability, we will allow devs to choose which Layer 1 they use — whether it’s Solana, Celestia or even Ethereum.

[Q4 ] Zebec’s vision is to replace the traditional financial system, which surprised me quite a bit. So how is Zebec different from the traditional financial system and how do you plan to replace these systems? What features will Zebec use to replace the traditional Financial System?

The vision is to not necessarily replace the financial system, but also make it interact with Web2. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream and there is more mainstream adoption, traditional financial and monetary systems will evolve as well. This of course touches everything including the payroll systems along with many others.

Zebec aims to incorporate Blockchain technology onto traditional finance systems, and develop a continuous settlement protocol. We aim to build an ecosystem around this idea, and bring this into Web2.

I think one of the main ways we’ll push forward for Web3 / Crypto payment adoptions is through our Merger and Acquisition (M&A) strategy. We are looking to acquire an established Web2 Payroll company in the US.

This will give us a new market of actual consumers that already get paid through a certain payroll company that we can target to get access to our solutions (Payroll per-second in stables, Crypto Debit Card access, etc.)

[Q5] What are the requirements for users to become validator of Zebec chain ? Can you share some information of how users can propose and check blocks of Transactions ? What are the benefits or incentivises for Proposing and Checking Blocks of Transactions ?

Great question! Anyone can participate and be a validator on the Zebec Chain. Currently, we are selling our Zepoch Nodes, it will validate transactions on the Zebec Chain.

One of the benefits of owning a Zepoch Node is the ability to earn rewards in $ZBC for validating transactions. Currently, it ranges from 20–30% APY. However, as more people get in, that number will likely go down for it to be sustainable.

Still, amazing rewards. Users can propose and check the blocks of transaction by using the Zebec Scanner and parse through indexed transaction data.

Live Q&A

[Q1] You said you stared in solana blockchain and expand into BNB chain echosystem and looking forward to work with BNB chain.
Why choose to change the blockchain? Will you support cross integration with other blockchains in the future ?

BNB is a fast and cost efficient blockchain as well and we had seen some demand in this space. Therefore, we decided to expand. Eventually, we will get into more blockchains. Our next one should be NEAR Protocol.

[Q2] Where I can find latest information about the project?

You can go on our Twitter account for all of the updates. Our official account is Zebec_HQ

[Q3] When will your tokens be listed on exchanges and which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future?

Right now our token is live on Bitmart, and OKX just to name a few. Also, you guys can access our Syrup Pool on PancakeSwap!

Zebec Protocol Quiz!!

The Zebec Protocol team prepared a few questions in a form, this form was shared and it remained open for 5 minutes. Users had to fill their public wallet address (not their private keys), Answers and Telegram username.

If you want to participate in this kind of events, follow up in our social channels to find out when the next AMA will be!

Final Words from Zebec Protocol

Thank you guys for hosting me and everybody in the Pancakeswap TG for your time. We really appreciate it! Go check us out on Twitter for more news and to stay on top of everything we have going on here at Zebec.

Go check the pool out at

That’s all from AMA! It was a very informative Q & A session.

To catch up with Zebec Protocol news, don’t forget to follow their social channels!





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