PancakeSwap December Recap 2022

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Farms & Pools Live on Aptos. PancakeBridge. Football Fest. Ultrasound Cake & more. Christmas came with many new features on PancakeSwap!

Data Recap


  • Total Volume: $4B
  • Average Daily Volume: $135M
  • Unique Traders: 1.7M
  • Unique Onsite Users: 2.7M
  • Mini Program — Onsite Users: 175K
  • Mini Program — Average Daily Users: 5.6K
  • 4 CAKE Staker Reward Pools (Syrup + Boost)


  • Total burned: 27M CAKE ($100M)
  • Bought back from the market to burn: $3.4M
  • Effective CAKE Emission Rate: 9.91 CAKE/Block
  • # of holders: 1,309,535 (MoM 1.06%)

*As our emissions and burn data are calculated and grouped by weeks, not months, the statistics above may not one-to-one reflect our “monthly burn”, and only serves as a guideline. For more information on our burns, please refer to our weekly burn post on our social channels.

🍽✅ Served In December

Aptos Deployment: Farms and Pools are Now Live!

Continuing our commitment to become the leading multichain decentralized exchange (DEX), we are excited to announce that we have launched Farms and Syrup Pools on Aptos PancakeSwap!


Yield farming allows users to earn CAKE while supporting PancakeSwap by staking LP Tokens. Farms require you to trade two tokens to get LP Tokens, which you then stake in the Farm to earn rewards. This allows you to earn rewards while keeping a position in your other tokens.

We launched all major trading pairs for users to start Farming!

The list includes:

  • APT-ceUSDC
  • APT-lzUSDC
  • APT-whUSDC
  • ceBNB-ceUSDC
  • ceUSDC-ceUSDT
  • ceUSDC-ceWETH
  • lzUSDC-lzUSDT
  • lzUSDC-lzWETH
  • stAPT-lzUSDC
  • whUSDC-whBUSD
  • whUSDC-whWETH

If you are new to liquidity farming, check out our How to Use Farms guide to get started.


Syrup Pools are the simplest way to earn tokens on PancakeSwap. You just need to stake your CAKE and relax while you earn tokens. It’s really that easy.

We have launched our first ever Aptos Syrup Pool — stAPT from Ditto Finance. Ditto Finance is a liquid staking solution on Aptos, and users can stake APT to receive stAPT. stAPT can be used across the Aptos DeFi ecosystem, allowing users to remain liquid on their staked APT while securing the network.

To participate in Aptos Syrup Pools, you will need to bridge your CAKE tokens from BNB Smart Chain to Aptos, continue reading to learn more about CAKE token bridging ⬇️

Aptos PancakeBridge

We partnered with LayerZero to offer PancakeSwap users the same easy-to-use and low-fee bridging experience between BNB Smart Chain and Aptos.

Powered by LayerZero’s OFT (Ominichain Fungible Tokens) standard, CAKE is now a native multichain token across BNB Smart Chain and Aptos. Aptos PancakeBridge enables users to bridge their CAKE between these two blockchains at a 1:1 ratio, empowering users to explore a diverse and exciting new ecosystem while enjoying a consistent, unified PancakeSwap experience … all while using the same, familiarly tasty CAKE token!

To learn more about how to bridge your assets and CAKE between BNB Smart Chain and Aptos, please check out the CAKE Bridging Guide.

Number 1 on Aptos!

Since our deployment on Aptos Mainnet, we have already reached the number 1 spot in TVL (Total Value Locked) — and in less than three months!

For this achievement, we thank our users for their trust, support, and feedback. We will continue to deliver a secure and seamless platform for our community to enjoy a unified PancakeSwap experience.

Journey to Ultrasound CAKE

When PancakeSwap started in September 2020, liquidity acquisition was a priority for us.

With this achieved, we introduced Tokenomics 2.0 in May of this year with the goal of addressing inflation and generating more benefits for our loyal PancakeSwap community; transitioning from a “growth-at-all-costs” model to a sustainable growth model.

With this goal in mind, in December, we proposed to reduce Syrup Pool emissions while still ensuring highly competitive yields for long-term CAKE stakers.

The end goal of reducing emissions is to make CAKE “emission neutral” or “deflationary’’, i.e. “ultrasound CAKE”. That means, on average, the amount of CAKE burnt per block will be equal, or more than the amount of CAKE minted.

The vote passed with a reduction of 1.25 CAKE per block to Syrup Pools Rewards on 2022–12–21 19:00 UTC and we are now one step closer to our journey of ultrasound CAKE.

Last cIFO of the year, much more to come in 2023!

The bunnies worked hard to bring new projects to the PancakeSwap community, even in the last month of the year!

This time, we launched a cIFO with Superpower Squad!

The Community IFO (cIFO) is a new variant of IFO designed to reward our loyal IFO community and introduce our community to projects with slightly smaller raises.

Superpower Squad is a superhero themed mobile shooter with 6 game play modes. It has undergone 3 years of game development from an established gaming studio with the help of crypto native partners.

We have raised a total of $0.88M USD for the project, with both sales being oversubscribed!

Also we launched a 120-day Superpower Squad Syrup Pool for all the PancakeSwap community to Stake.

Introducing our New Head Chef

After an exciting one and a half years, I have decided to make my exit as Head Chef of PancakeSwap. I am pleased to announce Chef Mochi as our new Head Chef who will lead PancakeSwap into the next chapter.

Chef Mochi is an experienced tech leader with extensive product knowledge. Mochi joined in 2022 and it was immediately clear that he has the exceptional ability to inspire the team around his vision for change.

Mochi is a strategic thinker and leader who will help guide the team to become the leading multichain decentralized exchange (DEX). I am confident that with his expertise, PancakeSwap will be able to deliver on our goals and achieve success.

Thank you all for the unwavering support in PancakeSwap. It’s because of all of you that PancakeSwap has become a committed, resilient and thriving community. I hope that the community will continue to support Chef Mochi and the Kitchen team in making new heights.

Best wishes,

Chef Snowball

🐰🐇Meet the New Chefs!

  • Chef Jackson — Front End Developer
  • Chef Brownie — Marketing Lead

Chef Jackson has extensive experience in front end development. A music lover and napper, we welcome him with open arms to our PancakeSwap family.

Chef Brownie is a passionate marketing professional with a love for Formula 1 and dogs (hopefully she will prefer bunnies soon). Her expertise and enthusiasm will be a valuable asset to our team; we are confident that she will thrive in this role.

We are pleased to welcome them to the PancakeSwap Kitchen. Our team has a lot of work ahead of us, but we can’t wait to see the impact they will have on our users. Let’s give them a warm welcome and look forward to working together to create amazing experiences for our users.

Become a Chef

We are still hiring for positions in the kitchen such as Community Management and Developer roles! Many of our Chefs started as users, so we’ll love to hear from you if you are interested in joining us!

All of our current job openings are listed on our hiring page. Check back soon as we will be adding more technical and non-technical job postings!

Football Fest

The FIFA World Cup took place between November and December. In case you didn’t know, bunnies play sports (occasionally). We organized a Football Fest with the Galxe team to celebrate the event.

We’ve launched 3 different challenges including matches of knockout stage, the final champion at FIFA World Cup and the winner of Golden Ball. 10,000 GAL are shared among winners for the whole campaign.

If you want to know the list of winners, follow us on Twitter and our Telegram community.

🎄Merry Christmas: Make a Wish 🎄

This is the season to celebrate Christmas on PancakeSwap. That’s why we launched a Make A Wish Christmas campaign where $1,500 BUSD are shared among 15 winners!

PancakeSwap users had to make a wish about how they would spend $100 this Christmas in our communities with #PCSWish, invite and tag 2 friends in the group & take a Christmas pic with a PancakeSwap element.

If you don’t want to miss the upcoming events follow us on Twitter.

Youtube channel

We have brought our Youtube channel back to life! Did you know that we have a Youtube channel?

We uploaded a video on How to Trade on Aptos PancakeSwap. More tutorials are in the works to provide all users with the easiest way to learn and have fun navigating PancakeSwap.

Make sure to stop by the channel and subscribe!

Top Traded Tokens Feature

Want to check the top traded tokens on PancakeSwap via the Swap page?

1. Click the 🔥 icon on the Swap page

2. Filter out the top trending tokens based on price change and volume (24H)

Select the token and it will lead you to the token info page with all the data

Now check out our Swap page to see which tokens are trending on PancakeSwap:

Calling for more NFT Collections!

Are you a creator of a BSC NFT collection? Submit an application for listing!

We are processing BEP-721 NFT collections minted on BNB Smart Chain . Your metadata and images must be stored on IPFS or a similar decentralized storage platform.

Apply to list your NFT collection here.

Still hungry?

Join us on Twitter, Telegram, in our Discord server, or our growing Reddit community!

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