PancakeSwap January Recap 2023

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We start the year with many novelties for all the PancakeSwap community and CAKE holders! Check out the January Recap!

Data Recap


  • Total Volume: $5B
  • Average Daily Volume: $162M
  • Unique Traders: 1.5M
  • Unique Onsite Users: 3M
  • Mini Program — Onsite Users: 223K
  • Mini Program — Average Daily Users: 7.2k
  • 2 CAKE Staker Reward Pools (Syrup + Boost)


  • Total burned: 35M CAKE ($129M)
  • Bought back from the market to burn: $4.1M
  • Effective CAKE Emission Rate: 9.91 CAKE/Block
  • # of holders: 1,322,723 (MoM +1.01%)

*As our emissions and burn data are calculated and grouped by weeks, not months, the statistics above may not one-to-one reflect our “monthly burn”, and only serves as a guideline. For more information on our burns, please refer to our weekly burn post on our social channels.

🍽✅ Served In January

Q1 Roadmap

🐰 The new year is here and with it comes new goals, but the #Buidl spirit continues on.

We are excited to announce our Q1 roadmap and 2023 plans, which includes several exciting developments!

We ran an AMA with the Kitchen, where Chefs looked back at their achievements in 2022 and shared their plans for this new year.

Want to know more about it? You can read the AMA Recap here 👉

Aptos Deployment: Adding more value!

Leading DEX on Aptos Network

📈We are proud to announce that PancakeSwap has reached new heights in the DeFi space.

Our community has helped us achieve over 50% dominance on the Aptos Network, demonstrating our strength and growth in the ecosystem.

💪 Thanks to the support of the community, we are the premier DEX on not just BNB Chain, but also Aptos.

Do you know How to Farm on Aptos PancakeSwap?

Farming on PancakeSwap’s Aptos Network has never been easier!

Whether you’re a seasoned DeFi user or just starting out, our tutorial video will provide all the information you need to start earning rewards through farming on the Aptos Network.

📺 Watch the video tutorial here:

🥞 Get started with Farming:

Aptos PancakeSwap Data is Now live on CoinMarketCap

🥳 We are happy to announce that you can now track Aptos PancakeSwap data on CoinMarketCap

Check it here👉🏾

Aptos Farm Emissions Confirmation Vote

Following the multichain vote, Chefs have been launching, monitoring, and optimizing the liquidity levels, trading experience, and overall UI/UX on Aptos.

We launched a vote proposal for the community to confirm if they agree with the steps we have taken on the network.

We appreciate all the support!! With this confirmation, we have completed the first phase of deploying PancakeSwap to Aptos.

We intend to expand our presence in the Aptos ecosystem, introduce our products to the network and leverage its strength on the BNB Chain to attract Aptos-based projects.

Our goal is to increase visibility, provide a competitive offering, and improve CAKE burn. This will result in a more vibrant ecosystem for everyone!🥞

The $ceUSDC Syrup Pool is now live on Aptos!

We launched a new Syrup Pool waiting for all the CAKE users on Aptos!

🥞 Stake CAKE, Earn ceUSDC

Start Staking now 👉

🌉 Use CelerNetwork cBridge to bridge Celer assets:


Hot Trending tokens on Ethereum

Wonder which tokens are trading on Ethereum PancakeSwap?

🔥 The hot tokens ranking is now live on the Ethereum PancakeSwap Swap page.

We’ve also included a “Trade” button on the chart. Browse, click, and start swapping trending tokens without leaving the page. All very seamlessly.

Check out the top tokens ranked by liquidity and volume 👉

The Singularity DAO ($SDAO) & StargateFinance ($STG) Farms are now live on Ethereum!

During January, the working bunnies launched two Farms on Ethereum PancakeSwap

Users can now:

👉 Stake SDAO-BNB LP to earn CAKE

👉 Stakee STG-USDC to earn CAKE

✅ Try them out here:

BNB Chain

bCAKE: News about Farm Boosters

🚀 You can now activate boosters on 2 Farms with an adjusted boost multiplier. Use our ROI calculator to preview your new boost ratio.

🆕 To take advantage of the new boost, you will need to unset the current booster and reapply it.

Lock CAKE to start boosting 👉

Looking for a greater boost and more bCAKE enabled farms? The kitchen is constantly monitoring the statistics and performance of both bCAKE, CAKE Pool and Farms. And will continue to make further adjustments to the bCAKE. Stay tuned.

Auto Risk Scanning! Partnership with AvengerDao

✨ We are excited to join BNB chain and AvengerDAO to increase security within the ecosystem.

⚙️ Risk scanning is now automatically conducted when selecting or importing a token, providing users with a reliable and consistent security experience.

🔄 AvengerDAO is a unique community-run security infrastructure project designed to protect users on BNB Chain from possible exploits, scams and malicious actors.

Try it now here 👉

Farm Multipliers Visual Update

In January, we rolled out a change to our frontend for Farms on BNB Chain and Ethereum — visually rebasing multipliers by a factor of 10.

This will enable us to further optimize our approach to incentivizing farms.

There is no difference in the amount of CAKE incentives a Farm receives BEFORE and AFTER this change! A Farm before the change that had a 0.1x multiplier will now appear as having a 1x multiplier, and the amount of CAKE they’ll receive will remain the same.

👉 To learn more, read here:

CAKE Emissions Streamlining

As we all know, CAKE is precious, and to continue on the path of growth and expansion, we proposed to demarcate our emissions by function, to better reflect the desired outcome of each and every single CAKE.

PancakeSwap community and CAKE holders agreed to our proposition about streamlining emissions

*Please note there is no change to total emissions

For more information about this, you can read the full proposal here 👉

Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with the Lunar New Year Lottery

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit and Lunar New Year, we announced a special Lottery campaign, which was a huge success!🎉

The campaign offered a whopping Lottery Jackpot of up to 26,530 CAKE (~96,000 USD) to be won initially, with a few tasks to improve the jackpot. But the community jumped into the tickets sale, ending in a massive 46,562 CAKE (~185,000 USD) jackpot to draw 🤯

Our New Year Lottery campaign was a perfect way for our users to win big and join in on the festivities! The PancakeSwap Lottery is a beloved feature among our users, offering fair and easy chances to win huge CAKE prizes. Each ticket only cost USD 5 in CAKE, and bulk discounts were available for those who wanted to enter multiple times. 🎁

Try our Lottery here 👉

Some nice milestones to share with you

2022 Most Preferred DEX, according to BSC daily

😍 According to BSC daily, we are the users’ favourite

You can check out the report here 👉

One of the 40 Best BNB Chain dApps in 2023 on DappBay.

🙇 We owe this to their entire PancakeSwap community. Thank you!

Check the full list here 👉

#1 Daily Active users

According to TokenTerminal, PancakeSwap is the Dapps with the most active daily users

Link to the source 👉

Become a Chef

We are still hiring for positions in the kitchen. Many of our Chefs started as users, so we’ll love to hear from you if you are interested in joining us!

All of our current job openings are listed on our hiring page. Check back soon as we will be adding more technical and non-technical job postings!

Calling for more NFT Collections!

Are you a creator of a BSC NFT collection? Submit an application for listing!

We are processing BEP-721 NFT collections minted on BNB Smart Chain . Your metadata and images must be stored on IPFS or a similar decentralized storage platform.

Apply to list your NFT collection here.

Still hungry?

Join us on Twitter, Telegram, in our Discord server, or our growing Reddit community!

Stack ‘em!

Chef Fran 🐰🥞



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