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PancakeSwap Lottery Rounds & Injection Schedule Update

More concentrated rounds & prize injections for higher potential prizes for the lucky winners!

Corrections: Under the new lottery schedule, the correct description should be — one draw every day alternating between 0 AM UTC and 12 PM UTC, hence, each draw is 36 hours or 12 hours apart, not 36 hours apart as originally described in the article — i.e. next rounds after the 0 AM UTC rounds will be after 36 hours, next rounds after the 12 PM UTC rounds will be after 12 hours.
Due to the change in deployment and additional testing, we will keep the original schedule until round #439, which ends at 0 AM UTC on 2/9/2022. Round #440 will start at 0 AM UTC on 2/9/2022 (and end after 36 hours). Thank you for your support and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

PancakeSwap’s lottery has always been one of our users’ favourite features. In the past 3 months, it has contributed to more than $5.5 million in $CAKE being burned from the ticket sales! Based on users’ participation data and statistics, we would like to make the following scheduling changes to fit our users’ preferences better.

Why do we plan to change the schedule?

After studying the participation data over the past 6 months and collecting feedback from our community, we learned that:

  • Our community would love to have a longer game duration.
  • Ticket sales are generally concentrated at rounds with prize injection.
  • The size of the total prize pool is an important factor to draw more participants.

As such, we are making the following changes to consolidate the prize pools and CAKE injection from the treasury to provide our lottery players with a more exciting game experience.

What is the change in lottery round scheduling?

Originally, a lottery round happens every 12 hours. With the scheduling change, most of the lottery rounds will happen every 36 hours. (refer to the scheduling table for more detail) And the number of lottery rounds will be changed from 14 rounds per week to 7 rounds per week. The change will help us consolidate the player demand and provide a bigger prize pool for each round of the lottery.

What is the change in injection scheduling?

The original injection schedule is to have CAKE injection added to every third lottery round with 10,000 CAKE, 5,000 CAKE, 5,000 CAKE and repeat. With the scheduling change, there will be fewer lottery rounds in a week, hence we will change the injection schedule to every other lottery round. As well, all injections will be 10,000 CAKE so as to increase the prize pools for you, our lucky winner! Overall, the average total of CAKE added to the lottery rounds from the treasury remains the same at 35,000 CAKE per week.

When will this change happen?

The change is scheduled to start after round #436 (2/7/2022 at 0 AM UTC), and based on the new schedule, the next round (#437) after that will happen at 12 PM UTC on 2/8/2022. The injection schedule will also be updated from round #437 onwards.

What is next for Lottery on PancakeSwap?

If you have taken a look at our latest 2022 Q1 Roadmap, you might have noticed that Lottery V3 is also in our pipeline! We are currently researching new ticket sales and new game types for the revamp. We aim to continuously upgrade our Lottery feature to make it more exciting and appealing! If you have any feedback and ideas, please let us know on Twitter, in our Telegram group, or over in our Reddit community!

Wish you luck. Lottery player.
The Chefs 🐰🥞



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