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The PancakeSwap Lottery Goes Live Tomorrow!

Feeling Lucky?

PancakeSwap has grown to become the largest decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain since its launch. Like its competitors, PancakeSwap was built on Uniswap’s logic. But what made it truly different is its lovely community composed of the most enthusiastic pancake lovers.

4 days after our launch, we launched SYRUP Pool, offering SYRUP holders additional rewards with the juiciest coins on BSC like $INJ, $TWT, $ALPHA and $XVS.

But the chefs had no plan to stop there: tomorrow marks the day that PancakeSwap’s (highly anticipated) lottery will begin!

When will the first lottery be?

The first lottery will be held at approximately 9pm SGT on the PancakeSwap Lottery page.

How does the lottery work?

PancakeSwap’s lottery is a unique game where users can win CAKE tokens by purchasing tickets with their CAKE tokens. The lottery runs every 2 hours and is divided into three phases: purchasing period (1 hour), lottery draw (30 minutes) and celebration for the lucky ones (30 minutes).

1 ticket costs 10 CAKE. Users will receive 1 ticket (comprising 4 digits) for each 10 CAKE paid. During the draw period, the contract will pick the final number.

If you don’t match all 4 numbers, no need to worry! As long as you match 2 or more numbers in the correct position, you are guaranteed to win a reward.

Match all 4 numbers in the exact order = win 60% of the pot (or split the pot if more than 1 winner).

Match 3 numbers in the exact order = win or split 20% of the pot.

Match 2 numbers in the exact order = win or split 10% of the pot.

🔥🔥🔥 Burn remaining 10% of the pot. 🔥🔥🔥

To learn more, the chefs advise you to read the full documentation.

Lottery Specs

Lottery FAQ

Risk warning

PancakeSwap’s lottery is a (very) risky game where users are not guaranteed to win anything. The chefs advise you to play with small amounts if you wish to participate.

Lottery ticket purchases are final. Your CAKE will not be returned to you after you spend it to buy tickets. Tickets are only valid for one lottery draw and will be burned after the draw.

Buying tickets does not guarantee you will win anything. Please only participate once you understand the risks.


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