Update on NFT Market Launch & Pancake Squad Details Revealed

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3 min readSep 20, 2021

Introducing more details about the #PancakeSquad NFT collection and the NFT Market launch date

🎂🎉🥳 We’re now only TWO DAYS away from our first birthday, and the bunnies in the kitchen are cooking at full speed to get ready for the celebrations.

Development on the NFT Market is now in the final stretch, and should be ready to launch very soon. Unfortunately, we’re not quite going to make it by our initial target date of September 22. Here’s the updated schedule:

🏪 NFT Market Target:
September 30

🐰 Pancake Squad Collection Target:
October 7

Yes, it’s a few days later than hoped, but don’t worry — we’ve still got some exciting celebrations coming on our birthday! Read on for details.

NFT Market

Why the Marketplace delay?

While we haven’t hit any significant roadblocks in the development, our early Sep. 22 launch target was a little too optimistic, and announced a little too early before development was in full swing. Despite all our best efforts we haven’t been able to to get us there quite on time. We appreciate that everyone is super excited, and we apologize for this short delay.

Recap: NFT Market

There are two initial phases currently planned:

  • Phase 1: Buy & Sell approved PancakeSwap collectibles (PancakeBunnies and Pancake Squad)
  • Phase 2: Buy & Sell other collections. Coming soon after Phase 1.

Trading fees for Phase 1 will be set at 2%.

🔥🥞All fees collected by PancakeSwap will be used to buy back and BURN CAKE in our weekly burns!🔥🥞

Pancake Squad

Why the Pancake Squad delay?

We’ve decided to delay the Pancake Squad by just a few days to make sure our developers have time to respond to any changes that might be needed after the Marketplace launch.
Follow our Twitter for updates.

We wouldn’t like you to go away empty handed today, so here’s a little more info on the Pancake Squad:

🆕 Pancake Squad Details

We know you’ve been waiting for this…

Pancake Squad is a brand new generative collection of 10,000 different NFTs, brought to you by our very own Chef Cecy! The bunnies will be randomly generated from over 180 different traits, with tens of thousands of possible combinations. No single Pancake Squad NFT will be entirely alike.

The sale will take part in 3 main phases:

  • Presale Phase: Wallets which are eligible for the presale will have a few hours before the public sale in which they can buy minting tickets in advance. We’ll share details about the eligibility criteria later.
  • Public Sale Phase: Spend CAKE to buy squad tickets. ⚠️First come, first served.
  • Claim Phase: Shortly after all 10,000 squad tickets have been bought, we move to the claim phase. Ticket holders can redeem them for free to receive a randomly-assigned NFT.

PancakeSwap Profiles are required to participate. Get yours.

You’ll be spending CAKE to buy minting tickets, but remember you’ll need BNB in your wallet to pay for transaction fees.

What About September 22?

We apologize for the slight delay — believe me, we’re as excited for the launch as you are!

But don’t worry: we’ve still got some fun lined up for our birthday on September 22nd.

Keep your eyes on our Twitter and Telegram Announcements channel for more!

Until then, happy flipping!

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