Browse Twitter and Pocket within Panda

We want Panda to be a cool place to digest information, today we bring good news, now you can browse your Twitter feed and Pocket account within Panda. Respect! 👊

This was a natural step for us, Twitter does a good job with real time information, and Pocket does a good job with bookmarking information. Because Panda is in the business of delivering information, we wanted to cater to other services. The format doesn’t really matter, instead, what matters is that you get what you need, when you need it.

So with that, we’re happy to have Twitter and Pocket join the Panda family.

Welcome Twitter & Pocket!

It’s one of the first integrations we’ve done and we’re super eager to share it with you. We hope you like it 😬

How to integrate?

How to integrate Twitter on Panda

By integrating Twitter you can see your home timeline and liked tweets.This is what it looks like…

Browse Twitter Home Feed and Likes

How to integrate Pocket on Panda

By integrating Pocket you can browse your Pocket archive, favorites and unread articles.

What should we add next?

Email us: and let us know.
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