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4 min readFeb 18, 2016


A platform for your daily inspiration collected from daily ui & beyond. Based on Dribbble shots, hand picked.

Launch day edit: We’re on Product Hunt, to join the discussion:

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When browsing Panda’s Dribbble popular feed I often see shots from daily ui challenge getting popular. They look pretty cool and designers are drawn to this activity because of the absence a of client or supervisor pressure. Some people think that daily ui challenge is filling up dribbble with never-ever-used designs, but I see them inspiring in context of layout choices, color palette preference, fonts in use and ui elements in the specific design challenge. Unfortunately these posts fade away once they’re not listed anymore in Dribbble’s popular section. But the challenges chosen are so good that you they serve as a great source of inspiration. Let’s say you want to design a sign up page, check this out and I’m sure you’re bursting with new design ideas.

All the Sign Up designs in one place

Collect UI is updating daily by publishing approved posts every hour. See here the stats page to follow up with the progress. We may increase the frequency of publishing depending on the challenges submitted. Wanna be the judge? If you have more than 800 Dribbble followers, send us an email at and we’ll be honored to see you on our team.

To follow up with the designs:

On CollectUI homepage we show the most popular designs of the week.

We are sending daily newsletters from the designs, see a sample issue here and subscribe.

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Chrome Extension for easy submit & browsing similar designs

See Add to CollectUI link added above color palette of the shot.

We automatically discover new shots every day, but we can do this a better with your contribution. Go ahead and join the collectors by grabbing our Chrome extension.

If you are on Dribbble you’ll be appearing on collectors page. Using our extension you can see similar designs when you browse a shot on Dribbble if it’s approved on CollectUI.

See similar designs easily with the help of Chrome Extension


Is CollectUI going to replace Dribbble?

Never ever. As Panda Network (for now) we’re routing 1245349 pageviews to Dribbble monthly. We love Dribbble and that’s it. CollectUI will never accept designs except Dribbble shots. You can browse the design on CollectUI but if you want to make any comment or contact / follow the designer you have to visit Dribbble.

Is everything submitted going to appear on CollectUI?

No, the designs are handpicked to provide a better inspiration for the designers. We don’t accept designs which are not inspiring in terms of layout choices, color palette preference, fonts in use and choices of ui elements. If we see a design inspiring in any of these criteria we will approve the design. Wanna be the judge? Send us an email at if you have more than 800 Dribbble followers and we’ll be honored to see you on our team.

Why are you doing this?

At Panda Network we are always trying to do the things that will make our colleagues’ lives easier and more efficient. On CollectUI we will show one sponsor at the bottom of each design but you don’t need to read or click on it if it’s not interesting for you. But I have to say that Panda Network has no investors because we want to focus more on our product and users’ feedback. We respect you, because “you” is “us” or even “me”. So, don’t hesitate to build a trust based relationship with Panda Network and please tell us where we do things wrong, we prefer to have everything out in the open so we can get better.

Thanks to the team for making this real: Kubilay Kahveci, Serbay Arslanhan, Can Kutlu Kinay and my partner William Channer. Also kudos go to Korhan Safa Eser, Kaan Eryilmaz and Oya Metin for providing awesome feedback.

At Panda Network in 2015 we’ve launched 14 projects we’ll be launching more this year. Check the Panda Network website and follow us for more awesome products.