Launching Color Farm — 🐔 🎨

Daily color inspiration based on popular Dribbble Shots

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It’s been nine months since we launched Collect UI, a platform where I daily curate ui elements amongst the most popular Dribbble shots. In the beginning it was unrealistic to try to hunt 24 designs every day. I must admit I missed a couple of days but since then I collected and categorized 6649 designs. This really helped me out to build a habit of browsing what’s out there every single day. Using Panda of course made it simple for me. Now will do the same for color palettes on our brand new project Color Farm.

When it comes to look for inspiration, the hardest part for me was finding out well playing colors. Out there there is a couple of color inspiration websites.

Sample Palette representation from

Well, as you can see they display the colors side by side. This is giving me hard time to pick the right color palette, since I don’t see the weight of a color.

So, I thought this could be more easier if we actually could see how the colors are working together on a real design, and of course the designs are handpicked from Dribbble popular shots.

A layout that you can see how the colors work together on a design.

So, enjoy Color Farm palettes, I’ll be updating the website daily. You can follow Color Farm on Twitter or Subscribe to Color Farm Newsletter.

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