MacBook Pro 2016’s Touch Bar — Apple’s Tease to Touch in Computers

Apple opened a whole new world of possibilities by launching Touch Bar.

In this article you will find information about the Touch Bar as well as inspiration, UI Resources, Apps and GitHub Repos.

It’s been quite a while since touch was introduced to laptop/computers. Our friends at Microsoft have been doing some cool stuff with Surface Tablets, lately. Where as, Apple hasn’t given any touchscreen abilities to the Macs, so far. This move was intentional though, as confirmed by Jony Ive–Apple’s Design Chief.

Enter Touch Bar

Touch Bar is an OLED touch panel on the keyboard of your MacBook that performs different functions based on the app you are using. Basically, it pulls data from the app and shows it to you in a way you’re already familiar with. Hence, making it even more dynamic and accessible.

An intro to Touch Bar

Apple has always been very specific and particular in involving the community of Designers+Developers on their new product releases, this time is no different. You may head on to this link to help yourself get started on Touch Bar.

Here’s how Design Community has been reacting to the MacBook Pro 2016’s Touch Bar

Twitter — Macbook Pro Touch Bar Concept

by Mamoru Kijima

Touch Bar Vertical Swipe

Iby Sergey Simanov

Touch bar for VK Messenger

by Aleksei Mazelyuk

Touch Bar Concept for ESPN scores

by Jonathan Patalot

Sketch S Touch Bar On The New Macbook Pro 2016

by Denis Rybin

Macbook Touch Bar Ads

by Ognjen Divljak

Macbook Touch Bar for Evernote concept

by Srinivasan

MacBook Pro Touch Bar UI Kit (for Sketch)

by Alexander Käßner

MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar mockup

by Dima Panov

Invision Touch Bar Track Pad

by Grady Kelly

Touch Bar Concept. Macbook Pro

by Andrii Bondar

Night Rider Touch Bar

by Lee Brimelow

Macbook Pro Touch Bar — Starter Kit for Sketch

by Marcelo Paiva

SoundCloud Touch Bar

by Lenart

Touch Bar interface for Slack

by Andrey Khorolets

TouchBar for your old MacBook

by Robbert Klarenbeek & Andreas Verhoeven

Touch Bar Demo App allows you to use your macOS Touch Bar from an iPad (through USB connection) or on-screen by pressing the Fn-key. It shows the original Apple Touch Bar, which changes dynamically based on the app you’re currently using. With this demo app, you can try out the Touch Bar on any Mac that does not have a physical Touch Bar.

TouchBar for React Native macOS

by Dima

You will require Xcode 8.1 on macOS Sierra 10.12.1 (12B2657) or later to be able to run this Github repo.

Touchbar Nyancat

by Vatsaev Aslan

This GitHub repo would allow you to run Nyan Cat animation on your MacBook Pro’s Touchbar.

The TouchBar Simulator

by Loreto Parisi

This cool simulator allows you to run TouchBar on your now–old MacBooks. Magic, no?

Jony Ive also stated that the Touch Bar is just a teaser of the things that Apple has lined up for the near future. Hope that the future is bright and exciting!

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