Panda gets a facelift with Night Mode and Sub sources

At Panda we want to make browsing the web beautiful, whether that's having different layouts, or a way to quickly ‘pandamark’ your favorite new items. A lot of our decision making process comes down to this question, ‘How can we push the browsing experience to the next level?’ One way is to enhance the user interface. An obvious solution, but surprisingly effective.

Introducing Night Mode

Whilst most of our features have a lot of technical depth our latest feature Night Mode was probably the most fun to do. It’s simple and makes browsing Panda a delight. Many users have asked for a dark theme, being designers at heart, this request was added to our roadmap. Now it’s yours to enjoy!

You can activate night mode in 3 ways

1) Using the new dropdown in the header, you will also notice that we’ve grouped some menu items for convenience.

2) Keyboard shortcut — (ALT + N)

Hey, we love shortcuts!

3) Setting auto-activation hours in the main menu allows Panda to adapt to the time of day, dark at night and light during the day.

Sub sources - dig deeper

Sub sources is a new feature that allows you to dig deeper into your favourite websites. Many websites have different categories. Take Product Hunt for example, when it first launched, it was just a place for discovering tech products. Now Ryan Hoover and the team have done a stellar job in introducing new categories like ‘Games’, ‘Books’ and ‘Podcasts’ into the mix, and we want Panda to reflect this evolution.

Filter the content and make the feed more relevant to you.

Sub sources is more than meets the eye. We’ve taken the step to allow you to quickly filter through the content of the website. Maybe you want to search for all the Youtube videos posted on Designer News, we’ve created a custom filter that allows you to do exactly that. Or maybe you want to quickly see the top GitHub links submitted to Hacker News. We’ve gone ahead and created custom filters for that too. Some of these filters are not available on the original website, but only on Panda for that extra quick searching!

Right now we’ve enabled sub sources with custom filters for 6 websites.

  • Designer News
    (Apple, Ask DN, AMA, CSS, Discussion, Dribbble, GitHub, Medium, Show DN, Site Design, Talk, Twitter, Typography, Vimeo, Youtube)
  • Hacker News
    (Ask HN, Discussion, GitHub, Medium, Show HN, Twitter, Youtube)
  • Github
    (CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Go, Python, PHP, Shell, C++, Ruby, C, C#)
  • Product Hunt
    (Tech, Games, Books, Podcasts)
  • Webdesigner News
    (Apps, Business, Design, Funny, Infographics, Offbeat, Resources, Tech, Typography, UX, Web Design, Webdev)
  • Behance (More categories coming soon)
    (UI/UX, Illustration, Branding, Typography)

Whilst Panda is about browsing the web, we’ve taken a step into searching the web. This is our first step. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. If you’d like to see more categories, drop a line in the comments so that we can consider adding it, too.

But wait there’s more

We aim to to provide a comprehensive and personalized experience for some of the popular feeds on Panda. And working on sub sources laid the groundwork for one of our most popular feature requests, Dribbble integration.

Good news, next week we’ll be launching long-awaited Dribbble integration. 🎉

You can browse your personal feeds and connect pandamarks with dribbble likes, more coming soon!

One last thing that we know you’ll love is this: Mixed columns is a feature that let you browse multiple sources in one column.

Mixed columns let you browse multiple sources in one column
Lots of love from 🐼 Team, see you next week! 😉