PandaBTM received seed investment that will boost its expansion

Anna Lezama
Oct 17, 2019 · 3 min read

An angel investor has shown their support to PandaBTM through seed investment, which will allow us to take our mobile crypto ATM service to more places in Colombia and Venezuela, promoting the adoption and use of new digital assets in everyday life.

There are currently more than 19 points all along Colombia, and now 3 new locations in neighbouring Venezuela joined them. Precisely, the PandaBTM point in a location called Viajes e Inversiones HC in San Antonio del Táchira is the first place in Venezuela to receive one of our devices, then two more locations in Mérida city, which mark the start of our expansion in this country.

The support provided by this seed investment will allow us to make our service get to 100 locations in Colombia, and more locations throughout Venezuela

An alternative for Venezuelans

As another option to buy and sell crypto assets, PandaBTM will help to boost and ease the adoption of new digital assets in a country where the interest in these new technologies is easy to see. Our devices will allow everyday use of crypto assets exchange for local money, by providing physical points with this purpose throughout the territory.

PandaBTM is a physical alternative to traditional exchange platforms in crypto assets environment, and by providing an experience similar to an ATM, it will be an access point for new people and a point of interest for people familiar with crypto assets.

Selling and buying Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dai (DAI) y Dash (DASH) through one of our devices is as easy as going to one of the locations shown in our webpage, there you will be able to perform an exchange operation in few minutes by following the steps provided by the operator and the device.

A boost for everyday use of cryptoassets

PandaBTMs also have the option to process crypto asset payments thanks to the integration with payment gateway Xpay in them. Both services work together in our devices in order to make locations become points plenty of real life use cases for new digital assets, where it is possible to buy and sell crypto assets in local money, and to pay products or services in these crypto assets

We are working along with other products or services that allow to buy and sell crypto assets, such as crypto exchange or P2P trade services, to close the gap between traditional money and new digital assets.

We invite you to follow us in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep an eye on the expansion of this project, and at the same time, if you are interested in one of our devices you can contact us through our webpage.

Come and join the world of crypto assets!

Panda BTM

Devices for buy, sell and make payments in crypto

Anna Lezama

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God’s Daughter by decision. Systems engineer by profession. Female entrepreneur by passion & conviction COO & CoFounder CEO

Panda BTM

Panda BTM

Devices for buy, sell and make payments in crypto

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