Are Your Grades Good Enough for the Best Canadian Universities?

Secondary Students Admitted and Refused to First Choice at a High Ranking Canadian University in 2016

One of the most common questions that I hear from students in Canada is “What grades do I need to get in order to get into my dream Canadian university?”

Top-tier Canadian universities, like universities around the world, are becoming increasingly more selective every year. Every year, the quantity and quality of students applying to university increase, and each year, the bell curve of admissions shifts a little more to the right.

Clearly, it helps to have higher grades. The higher your grades, the more likely you will be accepted. In fact, in one of the best Canadian universities, all of applying students who had an average grade in high school of 98% and above were accepted into their first choice university programs in 2016. Anything below 98% reduced their chances of admission.

So why did some students with the same grades get accepted, and some did not?

The answer is that although grades weigh heavily in the admissions decision, so do other discerning factors, primarily the personal profile. In fact, admissions officers weigh your personal profile as much as 20% of your application. In other words, your personal profile is as important as the grade that you get in English 12.

Therefore, even if you have been maintaining perfect grades since grade 11, you should make a significant effort to develop your personal profile as early as possible because you don’t know how much the bell curve will shift again next year.

To start dramatically improving your grades and strategically developing your personal profile, talk to a Pandahug Educational Consultant today and make your university application stand out.



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