Faster Canadian Student Visas for China, India, Vietnam, and the Phillippines

Canadian education is a prestigious world-class education. Canada accepts hundreds of thousands of international students every year. Most of them eventually obtain Canadian Permanent Residency.

Recently, the Canadian government has announced the expedited processing program — Student Direct Stream — that targets candidates applying from India, Philippines, China, or Vietnam.

In other words, student visas can be processed extremely quickly! For international students from India, Philippines, China, or Vietnam, the student visa processing time will take just 20 days.

If international students from these countries want to study in Canada at a post-secondary designated learning institution, they have to meet the requirements of the Student Direct Stream. The requirements include IELTS results, medical examination, and proof of finances. You can see the detailed list of the Student Direct Stream requirements here.

If you are interested in the Student Direct Stream, contact Pandahug Educational Consulting <> for a free initial consultation, and Anyvisa, our visa support partner, will guide you through the process. If you are already in Canada and half-way to your Permanent Residency, or are lost in the legal jungle of Canadian Immigration regulations, feel free to contact our immigration expert.



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