Top 10 Extracurricular Activities that Make Your University Application Stand Out

The quality of your extracurricular activities matters more than the number of activities in which you participate. Admissions committees at prestigious colleges typically look for students with significant extracurricular accomplishments in addition to strong academic credentials. Both focused students with a narrow extracurricular focus and well-rounded students with a variety of extracurricular activities can get into their dream college.

Extracurricular activities that distinguish you in the college admissions process include:

  1. Winning awards in competitions
  2. Getting elected to leadership positions
  3. Producing compelling research or beautiful art
  4. Performing meaningful community service
  5. Demonstrating talent in at least one extracurricular activity
  6. Activities that will help you clarify your career goals and guide you toward the undergraduate degree program that’s the best fit
  7. Activities related to the college major declared on a college application
  8. Activities that show your strong positive influence on your community
  9. Earning a living because of a family crisis but thriving in spite of this personal adversity
  10. Activities that defy gender norms

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