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A year after its inception, the Valorant Champions Tour has found its place in the FPS esports scene. The 389,000 average viewers during the Berlin Masters speak for themselves. Riot Games’ title is here to stay and PandaScore wants to provide in-depth Valorant esports data to further grow the ecosystem.

Announcing post-game stats for Valorant esports

This past week, we released our Valorant Historical Data plan. It includes statistics ranging from simple kills/deaths ratios to stats aggregated over entire competitions. All these data points are available for all matches of the Valorant Champions Tour and more.

Retrieving accurate post-game stats is crucial for Fantasy Leagues and betting operators. For these use cases, PandaScore API provides in-depth post-game recaps. These include agents used, kills, deaths, clutch wins, round outcomes and many more. The complete list of data points is available on the Valorant coverage page.

Post-game stats using the “Get a Valorant game” endpoint

PandaScore stats API go beyond post-game recaps. It provides dedicated endpoints for stats aggregates. Our flexible data structure enables computing stats over various time ranges. Want to get stats for the latest 5-game series? Or only during the playoffs? What about over the whole year? It’s now just one API call away.

Let’s say we want to get the Average Damage per Round (ADR) from Gambit Esports’ star player, Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin over the entire Berlin Masters.

nAts stats during the VCT Berlin Masters

Harnessing all of this data easily is now possible with PandaScore’s Valorant Historical Data plan.

Fixtures, results, and Valorant game data — for free!

Tournaments schedule and rosters are the foundation of most esports products. With PandaScore APIs, fixtures, results, and pre-match teams and players data all come for free. It’s why we’re expanding our plan so everyone can hop aboard the Valorant hype train 🚂

By making Valorant pre-match data available for free, we hope to witness more projects born in the industry. The pre-match data enables integration of calendars and results into any media, which has proven beneficial to user engagement and SEO for our customers.

Widgets and scoreboards powered by the PandaScore Valorant API

To complement pre-match data and ease your integration, we’re also adding Valorant static data to our free tier. Agents and maps basic information is now available through the API. Keep in mind that all names and images belong to Riot Games, we’re redirecting them on a free basis. Users carry the responsibility to know if they have the rights to use them.

We can’t wait to see what you will build with our Valorant esports data! You can register to start using PandaScore API for free today and read the full changelog on our recently revamped developers hub.

PS: any tech questions? Feel free to join our developers Slack. 🐼

Interested in real-time game data support for Valorant? Or looking for a ready-to-use widget to integrate in your website?

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