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mPANDO Browser, PC Service Open

Hello, this is PANDO software.

The PC service of mPANDO browser has been released.

In the rapidly changing era of Web 3.0, PANDO Software develops and provides services to build and move forward by expanding its unique ecosystem centered on blockchain. The browser service is the first service introduced by Pando Software and is heading for a bright outlook through continuous development for use in the main network environment.

PANDO Software is compatible with mainnet-oriented services and various platforms, from Dapps on other platforms such as Wallet, NFT, P2E Game, and PAN_Apps, which are close to various blockchain businesses and modern society, to DeFi and Metaverse In. Creating an environment In order to provide better services, we will steadily expand the ecosystem, build a more stable and fluid environment, and provide services that satisfy users.

We will continue to move forward.

Thank you.



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Pando is a web 3.0 browser that has free VPN, mining rewards capabilities. Pando can reward its users with financial rewards.