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Notice of completion of Pando Burn

Hello, this is PANDO Software.

We would like to inform you about the incineration of the foundation’s stock, which was scheduled to be carried out in October.
As previously announced, the total amount of airdrops owned by the foundation, the amount of the foundation, and the total amount of incineration of 300,000,000 PANDO have been incinerated.

PANDO’s burning wallet address: 0x296B4e09CAeC28F0047D426995c8253a766Fd8d6

300 million Txid:

PANDO will prepare various services and updates to approach participants in a better way.

thank you.

안녕하세요 PANDO Software 입니다.

10월 중 진행 예정이었던 재단 보유 물량 소각관련 공지드립니다.
일전에 공지했던 내용인 재단 보유의 전체 에어드랍 물량 및 재단 보유의 물량, 총 소각 물량 300,000,000 PANDO의 소각이 진행 되었습니다.

PANDO의 소각 지갑 주소: 0x296B4e09CAeC28F0047D426995c8253a766Fd8d6

3억개 Txid:

PANDO에서 다양한 서비스와 업데이트를 준비하여 참여자 분들께 더욱 좋은 모습으로 다가가겠습니다.


Telegram :
Telegram :

PANDO SOFTWARE can use blockchain to provide innovative platforms and services within the network. Our service extends the blockchain business as a PANDO ecosystem with browsers, messengers, social networks, games and more.

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Pando is a web 3.0 browser that has free VPN, mining rewards capabilities. Pando can reward its users with financial rewards.

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