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PANDO 2021 “Christmas Event”

Hello, this is PANDO software.

As Christmas is approaching year, we plan to hold an event with all PANDO participants.

In 2021, many people will be using PANDO software.
I am very grateful for this, and in 2022, with many events,
We will continue to provide many services and develop technologies.

The winner of the event will be announced in the official Pando Software telegram.

You can join the event from the event page below and the Google Forms link.

PANDO Software always strives to reward everyone with a devoted attitude.
It takes a lot of time and effort. I am always grateful for your help.

Event Details
- Period: 21.12.24 ~ 12.30

1) Participate in PANDO Official Telegram:

2) Participate to the event

3) Event participation page

Reward payment period
2022. 01.07

PANDO SOFTWARE can use blockchain to provide innovative platforms and services within the network. Our service extends the blockchain business as a PANDO ecosystem with browsers, messengers, social networks, games and more.

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Pando is a web 3.0 browser that has free VPN, mining rewards capabilities. Pando can reward its users with financial rewards.

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