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PANDO CoinMarketCap “Airdrop Event Winners Announcement”

Hello, this is PANDO software.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the previous CoinMarketCap event 🎉

The winner of the event can be found on CoinMarketCap 💡

Pando will distribute the reward to winner’s wallet address on February 18, 2022

We requested CMC to check the winners on CoinMarketCap.

Thank you for your participation

We will continue to prepare various news and events in the future 😊




PANDO SOFTWARE can use blockchain to provide innovative platforms and services within the network. Our service extends the blockchain business as a PANDO ecosystem with browsers, messengers, social networks, games and more.

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Pando is a web 3.0 browser that has free VPN, mining rewards capabilities. Pando can reward its users with financial rewards.

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