PANDO Software 2023 Roadmap

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2 min readApr 7, 2023


Hello, this is PANDO Software.

Announcing Pando Software’s Roadmap for 2023.

✅2023. Q1
-Expansion of global blockchain infrastructure
-Tech alliance MOU
-Global partnership and join alliance
-Optimization of platform server update
-Advancement of existing product and optimization of development
-Development of PANDO product mainnet compatible technology

✅2023. Q2
-Additional listing on global major exchanges
-mPANDO USE CASE expansion
-mPANDO Dapp ecosystem expansion
-Additional mainnet network-based WEB 3.0 API development
-Development of PANDO and MAINNET cross-chain network enabling technologies
-PANDONIA UNIVERSE game expansion and development progress
-Additional listing on global exchanges

✅2023. Q3
-Web 3.0 technology alliance MOU
-Global partnership and join alliance
-Expand users and conduct global marketing
-PANDO server hosting and expand management
-Run chain network testing
-PANDONIA UNIVERSE NFT marketplace development

✅2023. Q4
-PANDO blockchain business expansion
-PANDO traditional business expansion
-Additional listing on global exchanges
-Metaverse contents development
-Listing on global exchange future market
-WEB 3.0 service contents development

In year 2023, PANDO will advance its roadmap by integrating the business, marketing, and technology area. On business side, we plan to expand the ecosystem, build infrastructure for active alliances, and expand communities and marketing by participating in global exchanges and blockchain alliances, such as attracting investment including global partnerships, MOUs, and technology.

In year 2022, PANDO launched various programs and apps and released them to the market. After launching many products in preparation for the Web 3.0 ecosystem, we will conduct research and development centered on technological stability and service sophistication in 2023 to solidify the foundation of the ecosystem and operate it to satisfy both existing and new users.

Our vision is to build an environment where Web 3.0 technologies can be applied to real life, and we look forward to your constant interest and participation.

Thank you.




Pando is a web 3.0 browser that has free VPN, mining rewards capabilities. Pando can reward its users with financial rewards.