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PANDO Software AMA Summary

PANDO Software held an AMA on mPANDO Browser Official Telegram on March 14, 2022. Here’s a summary of the AMA.

Part 1. Introduction

mPANDO Browser Official | Host of PANDO Software Community: Hello, this is PANDO Software. Let’s start the PANDO Software AMA. We prepared our answers after collecting the questions you were wondering about our projects through the Google Form. “Eric Panaia,” the CEO of PANDO, is today’s speaker for the AMA. Also, at today’s AMA, we won’t have free-ask questions on live. Hello Eric!! please say hello to Pando users

Panaia Eric | Chief Executive Officer at Pando Software Inc: Hello, PANDO investors, I am Eric Panaia, the CEO of PANDO. As an executive of the organization that leads the culture of web 3.0 using blockchain, this AMA is a great honor for me.

mPANDO Browser Official: Then we’ll start answering the questions right away. Here’s the first question

Panaia Eric: Sure please!

Part 2. Live Q&A

Q1. First, could you please introduce Pando Software as a company briefly?

PANDO Software Inc. is a software company that develops Web 3.0 products focused on decentralization. We always put our users’ benefit as a priority. After PANDO Browser’s successful release, PANDO Software started to expand even further and invest in innovative technologies with the potential to disrupt the future. We aim to cultivate an environment that maximizes users’ convenience by offering a user-oriented ecosystem that incorporates not just blockchain technologies, but Web 3.0 products.

Q2. I understand that there are many businesses of Pando software. How do you operate your main business and others?

We are running multiple businesses focusing on blockchain and additional models related to the technologies.

When it comes to blockchain services, from our very first product, the browser, to Defi and NFT marketplace model, we are carrying out our business by linking them to our main-net. Users can get rewards playing a role in the network utilizing the features of blockchain technology.

What we get is a virtuous cycle of our services and user participation. Pando ecosystem has been mapped out to give back to the users because the users are the engine for the growth of the Pando ecosystem.

Several Pando businesses are already available, including PANDO VPN, PANApps, Panplay, PANTALK, etc. We have recently added blockchain-based games to the list, taking yet another step to cater to our trusting users.

Q3. Pando software has a vision of WEB 3.0. What does Pando believe WEB 3.0 should be?

You can simply say WEB 3.0 is a user-oriented Internet environment network. On this decentralized network, various rights and privileges related to personal information management, compensation for user activity, data usage for business, and participation in administration are transferred from the centralized authority to users. In a nutshell, WEB 3.0 is going to set new cultural and economic standards on the web environment.

Q4. How far have we come to completing WEB 3.0?

It’s too early to say it’s completed. The finalized picture of WEB 3.0 would have a personalized network environment for every user within the blockchain environment, where all information and data are stored in decentralized and distributed storage.

Pando Software’s vision for WEB 3.0 entails a broad network environment where users can start and finish with Pando products. Pando ecosystem’s expansion will culminate with the completion of WEB 3.0

Q5. Please tell us more about the PANDO coin. And we are also curious about how the Pando coin can be used.

PANDO Coin is an Ethereum-based token that plays a role as the key currency of the Pando ecosystem in its early stages. Pando can be acquired through browser software mining.

Pando Browser comes with a runtime algorithm that is Proof of Software mining. In order to support the production and rewards of PANDO coins, we applied proof of cumulative runtime and proof of optional advertisement watching mechanisms to the creation of network nodes based on the operating system of the browser.

Also, PANDO is already listed on the digital asset exchanges, so users can trade PANDO in the market. De-fi services using PANDO are also available on Pando-Defi.

In the future, as a process of expanding the Pando ecosystem, we’d like plan to run our business based on the mainnet, which means mPANDO, the main- net token of Pando Software.

Q6. How far is Pando software planning to expand its business with Pando?

We have planned and are executing our business in three stages. In the earliest stage, we developed a browser focused on the web 3.0 vision using blockchain technology and through this browser, we have formed a decentralized network and provided it to our users.

In the second stage, as we launched Pando browser and various businesses, we have acquired a large PANDO user base. We are currently at the later half of the second stage, where we are stabilizing the system and further advancing each service so that they can all be interconnected to constitute a pioneering group of businesses.

In the third and final step, we will dedicate our efforts to conduct business with our main-net at the core. This is because our expansive Pando ecosystem will be held back if we remain Ethereum-based. Network fees on Ethereum network have been a burden for many users and departure from such costly dependency is the goal of our third and final stage. Pando ecosystem on our proprietary main-net will alleviate such burden and the benefits will be distributed between Pando Software and our users.

Q7. We’d like to know if PANDO has plans to be listed on other exchanges in the future.

Of course. Pando will continue to be listed given a good opportunity.
Pando will play a continuous role within the Pando ecosystem. We are currently communicating with various exchanges and discussing positive opportunities. The global expansion of Pando will not stop.

Q8. Please tell us about the roadmap for Pando Mainnet and how to use mPANDO, the mainnet coin.

As we already mentioned, Pando main-net is at the center of our third and final stage of development.

All products of Pando Software will be connected on the independent network of Pando Software called mPANDO. In this ecosystem, users of Pando software products can use not just one platform but a variety of platforms with interconnectivity and operability in one place.

We aim to establish an ecosystem that actualizes the value demanded by users by providing a distributed storage system that combines with blockchain technology on a platform developed based on the main-net network. mPANDO is at the center of this.

Q9. Can and will mPANDO be listed on other exchanges?

In the case of the centralized exchange, I would say no for now.
To earn mPANDO, users can swap other cryptocurrencies with mPANDO, earn it in games, or mine it. Moreover, mPando is already listed in PANDO SWAP, one of our DeFi services, so we could say we’ve already done IDO

Q10. Recently, Pando software has been launching P2E games. Please tell us more about your plan and what is different about Pando software from other P2E game platforms.

Pando Software is continuously realizing various global P2E games including Legend of Pandonia and I Love Pandonia, within our ecosystem based on the mainnet.

Besides, we are preparing more games, and Pando Software is planning to create an active ecosystem with convenience and stability in using cryptocurrency through wallet services where users can deposit mPANDO and virtual assets within the Pando ecosystem.

Currently, PANDO has high-quality games compared to other platforms in the P2E market and we already have users participating in our ecosystem from our previous businesses.

Q11. Please explain how compensation systems work in your P2E games

Pando provides various types of rewards in its global P2E games.
Firstly, users can be rewarded with mPANDO, which is the core of the ecosystem. mPANDO can be swapped with other tokens through PANDO SWAP by linking virtual assets wallet to the game. You can also enjoy special stores and contents using mPANDO in the game on the Pando software platform.

This allows users to have more fun playing games in a better and more vibrant market environment, enabled by mPANDO’s ecosystem of the virtuous cycle. We have more reward programs just around the corner and we’ll make sure to let you know through our announcements as they become ready.

Q12. We know PANDO is developing and operating NFT, Defi, and swap platforms on your own. We’d like to know if it is possible to connect with other famous platforms and if there is a special reason for Pando to organize and operate platforms independently.

Pando software always welcomes partnerships and collaboration to empower the Pando ecosystem.

The reason we are building and operating the individual mainnet is to upgrade our services to the stage where practical and appropriate rewards can be actualized based on Internet users’ rights and contributions through further actual economic activity service model after establishing a transparent and secure ecosystem including NFT, DeFi, and Swap surrounding the mainnet of all projects. By achieving these visions, we will carry out differentiated projects in the market.

Q13. I wonder how PANDO DeFi is being used. and how about in the future?

Currently, the Pando DeFi platform is operated based on Ethereum. You can deposit tokens using the LP pool in PANDO DEFI. It operates 24/7 in conjunction with Uniswap and Ethereum chains and distributes profits to Pando DeFi service users through customized contracts. We also operate the PANDO Swap service, where tokens can be paired with our mainnet token, mPANDO. We plan to provide various DeFi services by linking with games and NFT. As Pando’s business expands, we plan to prepare services such as Defi and NFT, and rewards for users.

Q14. You said mPANDO has a 1:1 swap ratio with Pando and mPando in pando swap, but I’m also curious if this ratio can be changed in the future.

We don’t have any plan to change the swap ratio of MPANDO and Pando given the current situation.

MPANDO is a coin that can be acquired on various platforms, starting with Pando Browser, within the Pando ecosystem. MPANDO’s value should not be easily changed because MPANDO can be obtained and consumed within its own main net ecosystem, and will maintain its one-on-one swap as initially designed.

Q15. One of the most critical factors that determine the make or break of a project is how quickly and stably the services adjust to the changing environment through updates. Could you share a few words about how Pando Software will operate in this regard?

The number of users has rapidly increased since Pando software operates services such as browsers, messengers, NFTs, GAME, and VPNs.
To expand our current various games and industries, we want to create a unique world of Pando software by aggregating a variety of use cases in a short time and creating an environment where both users and consumers can contribute to the ecosystem.

Q16. As far as I know, Pando software is operating many businesses, and if there are new businesses or services to be carried out, please introduce them.

We can’t disclose them just yet.
However, we will establish a stronger foundation by focusing on our decentralized and independent ecosystem, as well as WEB 3.0 products. We also want to bring more users to participate in the ecosystem by upgrading services focusing on trends such as NFT and P2E games.

Q17. Please briefly explain both short term and long term goals for year 2022.

In 2022, we aim to improve quality and resolve errors by interconnecting the blockchain ecosystem and upgrading the services.

The long-term goal is to complete the ecosystem with decentralized solutions based on Web 3.0 and expand the ecosystem to new industries through new businesses, and build a platform environment using the Mainnet.

mPANDO Browser Official:Thank you Eric. Today’s AMA has ended. All the information we shared during today’s AMA will be posted on PANDO SOFTWARE Official Medium. Thank you everyone for joining today’s AMA. Eric, would you like to wrap this up with your last words?

Panaia Eric: This AMA is a small event prepared to communicate with people who are actually participating in the PANDO ecosystem. It was such an honorable event, and it means a lot to me since I always hope to be the CEO who listens to the participants’ opinions. Hopefully, not just I but all of us together opens this era. Thank you

mPANDO Browser Official: Thank you again Eric! We want to grow our community using professional channels such as Airdrops and AMAs. Besides, we have various marketing strategies to expand our community and get more popularity in the market. Thank you for joining us and stay tuned! Thank you.



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