Conversational designers and developers can collaborate better with integrated GitHub sync

Travis Nelson
Sep 13, 2019 · 2 min read

Editing chatbots can be challenging at scale, especially when team members use different tools to make changes. With GitHub push and pull now available on Pandorabots, you can sync complex code changes with regular updates your team members are making.

Code diff from a bot file.

Conversational designers can use the no code tools available on Pandorabots to review logs, make changes, or architect new conversational abilities and push those changes to GitHub. The commits can be diff-ed and reviewed by other team members to make sure that they fall within the brand and style guidelines.

Backups are also now easier to manage, as each version now has a commit message to tag the types of changes made. Noticing something funny with your bot? Roll back to a previous version on GitHub and pull that in. You no longer have to search through .zip files downloaded at various dates (though that option is still available).

This feature is available to all of our plan levels, from Sandbox to Developer to Pro.

How It Works

1. Authenticate with GitHub

GitHub authentication modal.
GitHub authentication modal.

2. Create a new repo or select and existing one

Select a repository modal.
Select a repository modal.

3. Write a commit message and push to the repo

Commit message modal.
Commit message modal.

You can also pull bots in from your own repos or publicly available bots, like Rosie or other open source bots.

Import bot files modal.
Import bot files modal.

Build a chatbot on Pandorabots today!

Any other code repositories or review tools you would like to use with Pandorabots?
Let us know in the comments!


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