From developer meetups to the biggest tech conferences in the world, here are some of the places we’ve presented and will be speaking — come say hello!

— — — — — — — — Upcoming Events — — — — — — — —

QCon — London, England (March 2019)

Steve may be presenting at this event next year. More details soon.

Strauhof — Zurich, Switzerland (12th and 13th January 2019)

Steve is appearing at the Strauhof Museum in Zurich on the 12th and 13th of January, as part of the closing weekend of an exhibition celebrating the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein.

— — — — — — — — — Past Events — — — — — — — — —

MetroCon — Fort Worth, Texas (11.7.2018)

Lauren discussed the Turing Test at MetroCon 2018. More details below.

VentureBeat AI Summit — California (10.23.2018)

Lauren Kunze recently appeared at the VB AI Summit in two roles. She facilitated a panel session discussing “Mastering Deployment” with panelists from Trulia, Intel and Dell. Representatives from Google, Salesforce, and Facebook were also in attendance and they talked about challenges and best practices to deploying AI in production.

Lauren also interviewed Andrew Siemion from Berkeley about SETI, which is a project to detect alien life!

More details of the interview can be found here.

Sheffield Machine Learning — England (9.18.2018)

Steve will be presenting Mitsuku to the Sheffield Machine Learning meetup on 18th September. He might even bring along a Loebner Prize for you to see!

Mobile World Congress — Los Angeles (9.14.2018)

The CEO of Pandorabots, Lauren Kunze, will be appearing on a panel discussion entitled Consumers and Natural Language Interfaces at MWC.

More details here.

Bots4U — Brazil (8.30.2018)

Steve Worswick is headed to Brazil to present at the Bots4U Conference alongside Facebook, Google and IBM and Microsoft. Details here.

Chatbots Meetup — London (7.31.2018)

Lauren will be presenting at the ever popular London Bot’s Meetup on Tuesday 31st July.

Startup Fest — Montreal (7.14.2018)

Lauren headed off to Canada to be part of a panel discussion about Conversational Commerce and how to run a successful startup.

Coed:Ethics— London (7.13.2018)

Steve Worswick presented about the design decisions underlying Mitsuku that allow her to stay good despite the constant efforts of the ethics hackers that that took out Microsoft’s Tay. Find out more in our blog post here.

Cogx 2018 — London (6.12.2018–6.13.2018)

Lauren Kunze appeared on a panel discussion talking about the future of chatbots at the recent CogX 2018 festival. Find out more about the event here.

Radiolab Podcast Mixtape (5.7.2018)

We brought the bots to Radiolab for “Robert or Robot?” — an interactive live event in NYC. You can still check out the livestream.

Details about the event can be found here.

Zukunftsatelier, Freitag (5.11.2018)

Steve Worswick is headed to Switzerland to talk chatbots: specifically giving your bot a persona, and interaction design.

MONage (4.17.2018–4.19.2018)

Lauren Kunze sat down for a Fireside Chat with Mark Stephen Meadows (Botanic) in a wide ranging “State of the Union” on the chatbot industry.

“Twenty years into the Internet Communications Revolution, Jeff Pulver saw a shift happening once again. This time the shift happened from the continued evolution of Internet Communications, AI and Computing. In May, 2016 the MONage conferences were envisioned and our first event took place in Boston in September 2016. Our second event took place in March 2017 in San Jose. Our third event was in Boston at the Boston Public Library. MONage has become the place where people who are interested in the future of the Conversational Web join together and explore. MONage returns to Silicon Valley in 2018 on April 17–19 at the Computer History Museum with 100+ speakers expected.”

AWS .BOT Launch Event @ AWS Loft (4.5.2018)

Dashbot Superbot (4.3.2018)

Chatbot Monetization Panel at Superbot 2018

Lauren Kunze discusses enterprise chatbot ROI

Couldn’t make it to Superbot? Watch the video to catch what you missed!

SXSW (3.9.2018)


Date: Friday, March 9
Time: 2PM — 3PM
Location: The Girls’ Lounge @ SXSW — Palm Door on Sabine

Topic: Reality Check

Artificial Intelligence is expected to make big leaps in 2018. And women are playing a major role in its rise. At the AT&T Foundry and Lab locations across the country, female engineers and scientists are exploring ways to leverage AI and other technologies to improve our lives. This panel of peers explores how AI is changing the game, as well as perceptions of women in STEM.

Chatbots and Voice Assistants London (2.20.2018)

Steve Worswick’s presentation on Mitsuku, a.k.a. “the most humanlike chatbot,” was extremely well received at this regular London meetup.

French Tech Hub Future of Chatbots (12.13.2017)

Pandorabots had the pleasure of moderating an amazing group of panelists at the French Tech Hub from IBM, Facebook, Ebay, and Winnovation during a deep dive on the current and future state of the chatbot industry.

VentureBeat AI Summit (10.24.2017)

This amazing and intimate executive series curated by VentureBeat started off with a round table discussion on Customer Engagement led by Pandorabots, IBM Watson, and Microsoft. Then, later in the day, Lauren sat down with Stewart Rogers and Jana Eggers of Nara Logics for the AI Expert discussion after glimpsing the future from some very promising startups in the space.

MobileBeat (7.31.2017)

VentureBeat throws some of the best events. MobileBeat 2017 was a whirlwind. On day one, during a fireside chat with Coca-Cola, we were thrilled to announce some exciting projects underway with the brand.

Photo Credit: Michael ODonnell

We also had the pleasure of moderating a retail panel with another awesome partner, American Eagle Outfitters, and other brands like GAP and TGIFs.

Deep Dive into ROI panel on Retail featuring some of our favorite client partners!

Finally, Lauren Kunze and Clara de Soto closed out the conference with an epic presentation on AI “DON’T’s,” a.k.a. “Top Ten Battle Scars and How to Avoid Them” for your overall enterprise artificial intelligence strategy.

IEN Enterprise Chatbots & Virtual Agents (5.15.2017)

Panel discussion with Nationwide, AirBnB, Pandorabots, and Pullstring. Check out this coverage and video from TechTarget.

Dashbot Superbot (5.9.2017)

Dashbot threw an excellent two day conference including our fun and insightful panel on monetization with Ebay, Fandago, Swelly, and moderated by Ellen Huet of Bloomberg news.

Monage (3.23.2017)

Presented at Monage in sessions on Customer Engagement — including our Yamato Transport Case Study — and real business results in the enterprise.

SXSW — Ready or not, the Bots have Risen (3.11.2017)

Botness (SF & NYC)

Botness is a biannual gathering in which industry insiders, including tech giants like Slack, Google, IBM, and Facebook and industry leaders and trailblazers, discuss all things bots: startups, tools, bots for work and play, discovery, and engagement. We work together to shape the evolving technologies to support innovation and open collaboration.

At Lauren’s talk in NYC, we dug deep on why Customer Service chatbots often fail, as well as what is working with some real customer examples and KPIs. of Chatbots @ LinkedIN HQ (9.13.2016)

Enjoyed a fireside chat with Ellen Huet from Bloomberg at LinkedIN.

Singularity University Global Summit (8.28.16)

Lauren reunited with Phil Libin (formerly CEO @ Evernote and investor at General Catalyst, now at All Turtles AI startup studio) on stage for a fireside keynote on chatbots and AI moderated by the one and only Loic LeMur.

MobileBeat (7.13.2016)

MobileBeat 2016 was all about the bots. We gave a short, lighting round presentation and Lauren Kunze joined panelists from Chatfuel,, and Expedia in a fascinating discussion monitored by SmarterChild’s creator. Paris (5.13.2016)

Had a blast at the inaugural Leaders conference in Paris! After a short talk on the future of the industry, Lauren Kunze sat down with Phil Libin for a fireside chat on chatbots and how the technology with revolutionize computing.