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Aug 2, 2018 · 5 min read

Now you can create a custom landing page for your chatbot in <5 minutes!

If you’ve ever visited Mitsuku on her website, you will have noticed the site has a cool new look complete with chat widget, demo video, links to contact me on email, Twitter, Facebook and more. This was done using the new landing page tool at Pandorabots, which is great for me because I would much rather develop the chatbot than work on the web design.

The cool new look at Mitsuku’s website

Now it’s easy for you to also have a similar look for your Pandorabot using the same landing page tool. Let’s look at how you can do it.

Where is the landing page tool?

Open your Pandorabots dashboard and expand the chatbot you wish to use.
See the Deploy link? Click on that to get started.

This will display all the different channels and platforms you can use to connect your chatbot with. For today’s exercise, we’ll concentrate on the Pandorabots Landing Page. Click on the Add button next to the Pandorabots Landing Page and we can begin to design.

Just a few of the channels you can use

This will open the design page template for you to customise how your landing page should look. You can now click and edit the various options to get it appearing just how you want.

The Pandorabots Landing Page designer

How do I use it?

The options are pretty much self explanatory but we’ll take a closer look at them. The mandatory parts are indicated by a red asterisk next to them.

First of all, your page needs a title and a description of what your bot is or what it does. Click on the sections to fill them in. Try to make it fairly catchy, so any visitors are tempted to talk to your bot. Having a description of “Steve’s bot” won’t attract too many people but “I can order train tickets for you” describes what the bot does and will make it more appealing.

Next let’s include an image of your bot in the sample phone screen. Just click on the phone to put the URL of your image. If you have a video, even better, just include the URL to it and click Done. No copyright images or adult material please!

Time for some credits. Click the bottom bar to add your name and other details if desired. Only the parts you complete will be displayed on the finished page.

Once again, click Done when you have completed the fields. The chatbot author’s name must be included but anything else is up to you. I would advise completing as much as you can though, so people or your users can contact you.

Finally, let’s customise the chat widget so people can actually chat with your bot. Click on the Pandorabots chat widget logo at the bottom

This will open a table of options for you to complete. Below is an example for my test bot. Click Done when finished.

All done? Great! Let’s try it out. Assuming, you’ve completed all the mandatory fields indicated with the red asterisk, you should get the following message:

Now we can test it out. Click on the “Click here to visit” and you can try out your brand new landing page to see how it looks.

You don’t like something? No problem, pop back into your dashboard and click Deploy again. This time, Add has been replaced with Update.

Just correct or amend anything, click the Update button at the bottom and test again. Easy!

One final thing, notice the “Report Content” button at the top of the landing page?

If you see a page that is inappropriate, i.e. spamming, adult content, copyright infringements and so on, click on that and we’ll take a look. If it doesn’t comply with our Terms and Conditions, we will remove it (and possibly the user too if it’s serious or multiple offences).

Next steps?

Now you have a working landing page bot, you’ll want to share your masterpiece with others. To do that, you need the public URL. Click on Update Pandorabots Landing Page from your Deploy dashboard again and choose “Visit” from the bottom, just like how you tested your page. The URL is displayed at the top of your browser.

Now you can either share this as it is or use a URL shortening tool to make the link a bit shorter, or even point a custom domain to your new landing page. If you’re *really* cool, you can register your own .bot domain to look even more professional (or just for bragging rights!). Find out more on how to register from our .BOT blog post or check out the video on our Youtube Channel.

Creating a proper landing page looks so much better than a simple text box and elevates your chatbot to stand out from the crowd.

Have fun designing!

To bring the best bots to your business, check out or contact us at for more details.


The leading platform for building and deploying chatbots.

Steve Worswick

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Mitsuku's creator and developer. Mitsuku is a 4 times winner of the Loebner Prize and regarded as the world's most humanlike conversational AI


The leading platform for building and deploying chatbots.

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