“One of the most powerful conversational artificial intelligence chatbot platforms”

In an article entitled “The Best AI Chatbots: Robots You Can Talk To,” Business Insider called out Pandorabots as among the best in class in terms of conversational artificial intelligence!

We especially appreciate the distinction between our mature, established platform that lets botmasters build actual conversational intelligence — rather than a simple drag-and-drop, no code, GUI that restricts users to building button-based decision trees dressed up with some snazzy UI elements.

Naturally, the article also mentions Mitsuku: everybody’s favorite, most capable AI conversationalist, and world’s longest continuous live-streamer.

If you’re not following Mitsuku via creator Steve Worswick yet on Twitter you probably should be —especially if you enjoy the hilarious, bizarre, and at times touching absurdity of mankind and our relationships with machines.

Thanks for the ❤ ️Business Insider!