Pairing your Bot with an Avatar from Media Semantics

Media Semantic’s Character Hosting allows you to connect your bot to an animated cartoon or realistic character very easily.

You will need Pandorabots credentials app_id and user_key found on your application’s detail page in the Developer Portal, as well as the name of your bot.

You can follow Media Semantics instructions in their Knowledge Base article:

Don’t forget! 
 You must have a bot deployed to our AIaaS server. If you don’t have a bot yet, don’t worry, it’s easy to build one. Simply follow the instructions in our Build a Bot tutorial to get started, as well as our Basic Bot Deployment blog post.

Forgotten your bot’s name? 
 You can see a list of your bots on your application’s Stats page, or use the List of Bots API via Active Docs or our Command Line Interface

Originally published at on September 1, 2015.