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OroPocket Partnership with Pandora to enable cross-chain transaction and liquidity induction to tokenised assets

andora Protocol is happy to announce its recent partnership with OroPocket for providing liquidity in the tokenised asset of OroPocket Platform. With this partnership, users, investors, or traders will leverage Pandora’s middleware liquidity solution along with a cross-chain transaction feature to tokenised assets on OroPocket.

Partnerships of OroPocket and Pandora will benefit users of both platforms.

Pandora users will get access to a wider range of tokenised assets, which can be traded globally instantly via card and OroPocket dapp. Also, the user will be able to fetch the interest from the OroPocket ecosystem.

OroPocket users will benefit from the Pandora cross-chain transactions feature along with liquidity induction to tokenised assets in the Open Finance ecosystem. Users will be able to make trades between Ethereum, BSC chain, Polkadot, and other chains simultaneously. OroPocket users will also get benefitted from the validation and reputation engine of the Pandora stack.

Speaking about the partnership, OroPocket COO and Co-founder Tarusha Mittal said, “Going cross-chain has always been the aim for OroPocket and the OpenDeFi ecosystem at large, and we’re very excited to accomplish this by partnering with Pandora. The future of DeFi is a free flow of value, and OroPocket and Pandora are doing our part.

At the same time, the CEO & Founder of Pandora Finance, Pushkar Vohra, said,

Tokenisation is undoubtedly the next big thing in the industry, and OroPocket has done a commendable job in pushing the DeFi industry to the next level. With the strategic partnership of OroPocket and Pandora, the user will get benefits of Liquidity induction in their NFT’s along with cross-chain transaction functionality.

I appreciate the OroPocket team’s effort and firm support for helping us to make this a success.”

About OroPocket :

Oropocket is a universal investment platform on the blockchain, they enable users to be able to invest in digital assets and use them as real money in real-time.

This essentially means that they offer fractional investment instruments on the platform and record their ownership on the blockchain. For now, they are offering vaulted precious metals to their users.

OroPocket is the universal alternate investment platform, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade in digital assets instantly.

About Pandora :

Pandora Protocol provides the platform where any real-world asset can be traded in a trustless and frictionless way via NFT. We are leveraging the existing blockchain infrastructure and building a middle-layer Pandora protocol on top of it. This middle-layer will help any real-world asset get tokenized in NFT, which can be traded globally anywhere.

We are always on the lookout to connect with like-minded individuals, strategic collaborators, and partners who wish to be part of our Pandora journey. To get in touch, please feel free to reach out to us on

Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram or shoot us a mail:



Pandora Finance is a decentralized ecosystem that leverages existing blockchain infrastructure and Web3 Space to seamlessly induce liquidity to the multi-asset classes

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