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Pandora X bitsCrunch

Pandora Finance X bitsCrunch: A strategic partnership to set up building blocks for a strong & secure ecosystem.

At Pandora Finance, we are pleased to announce our partnership with bitsCrunch, the guardians of the NFT ecosystem. With this collaboration, we aim to enhance the UX and seamlessly provide them with a reliable and secure NFT environment.

In recent times, we have seen a plethora of hacks that have significantly impacted the security of the users’ by unlawfully accessing their data and confidential information. To ensure we’re aversive to any such scenario, we have taken this move to add an additional layer of security with bitsCrunch and help NFT enthusiasts interact with our systems — tension freely.

Pandora Finance products combined with bitsCrunch

With that underlying framework, we will be enabling bitsCrunch to integrate their AI-based tool Scour in Pandora’s ecosystem to make it a secure platform by eliminating any wash trading that manipulates the volume or price of assets on the NFT Marketplace. We believe, it will benefit the users to discover, buy, or sell their NFTs at a fair price without getting intimidated that the listed NFTs might be counterfeiting.

It clears our motive to uphold the integrity of Pandora by highlighting the spoofing transactions on the NFT ecosystem with the help of Scour — ecosystem guardians and securing the environment for the users, so, they won’t get exploited by the fraudsters. Therefore the collaboration between Pandora Finance and bitsCrunch will boost the vision of making NFTs & NFT Marketplaces more secure, accessible and increasing user utility and community engagement.

A word from the Founders of both Pandora Finance and bitsCrunch

It is delightful to know that we have added an important player to Pandora Finance with this partnership. We respect and appreciate everything bitsCrunch has been doing by protecting the NFT ecosystem. The cutting-edge AI technology provided by bitsCrunch will now secure your assets that are being converted to digital assets through Asset-Tokenization on Pandora Finance”.

Pushkarr Vohra, Pandora Finance CEO.

Pandora finance’s Asset-Tokenization and Pi-NFT have become a massive hit, to which we’re offering the next-gen AI-powered digital security systems ensuring a safe and certified environment to convert real-life assets to digital assets. There is absolutely no doubt that the combination of our products will enhance the NFT ecosystem”.

Vijay Pravin Maharajan, bitsCrunch CEO

About bitsCrunch

bitsCrunch — The Guardians of the NFT ecosystem. With efficient tools like Scour, Crunch DaVinci, and Liquify, buyers and sellers can identify digital wash trading, asset forgery, and the true value of assets. We are dedicated to providing and expanding the ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts in a secure and authentic process.

With bitsCrunch’s securing service, artists, and NFT assets are safe. Furthermore, you can integrate these tools into any NFT marketplace. Not just that, bitsCrunch helps you keep up with NFT trends and updates through UnleashNFTs.

About Pandora Finance

Pandora Finance is a decentralized ecosystem that leverages the existing blockchain infrastructure and building protocols and allows anyone to construct their own NFT marketplaces & dApps with multiple state of art features like minting, trading, lending/borrowing, and auctioning multiple assets classes across the integrated ecosystem — while making them extensively accessible and searchable through an in-house NFT Indexer.

The dynamic and robust ecosystem of Pandora Finance aims to increase cross-marketplace liquidity and empower users for mass adoption of blockchain technology, thus actualizing Web3 projects in just a fraction of time with no technical hassle.

We are always on the lookout to connect with like-minded individuals, strategic collaborators, and partners who wish to be part of our Pandora journey. To get in touch, please feel free to reach out to us on

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