Pandora Partners Unmarshal to Leverage its Data Indexing API for richer NFT Metadata Relays

Apr 16 · 3 min read

Pandora Protocol is happy to announce its recent partnership with Unmarshal for easy Data Indexing, helping with better insights in NFT metadata relays for real-world asset tokenization. With this partnership, dapp developers, investors or traders leveraging Pandora’s middleware for their activities in the NFT multiverse in calling information will be able to trigger accurate and verifiable data from Unmarshal’s multi-blockchain infrastructure. With Unmarshal’s end-point integration in place, asset owners looking to price their real-world asset on any dapp as they tokenize NFTs can enjoy a treasure trove of data from UnMarshal’s data indexers.

Real-world assets will benefit hugely from tokenization, especially when the tokenization process is chain agnostic and enjoys cross-chain liquidity across various networks like Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and Cosmos. UnMarshal has continued to snowball as the DeFi industry’s go-to data query platform providing decoded indexed data from different chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot.

In our bid to making transaction of real-world assets trustless and borderless, we are also making sure the requisite on-chain data needed by stakeholders in our ecosystem is available in real-time hence our teaming up with Unmarshal.

“Pandora is an innovative project taking the blockchain use case to the next level by introducing real world assets backed NFTs. We’re happy to join forces with them to bring digitization of physical assets”

- Manohar Kolagondanahalli, CEO & Founder of Unmarshal

Pandora uses Unmarshal API to index and curate NFT data in a single dashboard. Rich data experience will help users make better decisions while making the trade for Real World and digital asset NFT. Developers can deploy any kind of NFT dapp using Pandora stack integrated with unmarshal API with just a few code lines.

I appreciate Unmarshal team’s effort and firm support for helping us to make this a success.

-Pushkar Vohra, CEO & Founder of Pandora

Dapps under progress like Kylyx, Box, Kalel, and others will leverage Pandora’s middleware to build and tokenize real-world assets. They can rest assured that they are getting accurate information every time they interact with our protocols for better value.

We provide the needed bridge between off-chain real-world assets like fine arts, automobiles, electronic devices, real estates, precious metals etc., and the on-chain ecosystem. From limitless asset tokenization opportunities to interoperable Pi-NFTs, digital asset marketplace and DeFi’s exploding liquidity for seamless lending and borrowing as well as yield farming opportunities.

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