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Pandora x Ethermon: A Strategic Partnership Announcement

We at Pandora Finance, are proud to announce the new partnership with Ethermon, the largest gaming district in DCL. This partnership will bring efficiency to the NFT ecosystem by indexing all the NFTs on a single dashboard. It will allow Ethermon to use Pandora’s pre-existing API to index all Ethermon’s NFTs on Pandora to make them extensively searchable and accessible.

The partnership also brings advantages for users of both Pandora & Ethermon, as they will be able to have the exposure of multiple NFTs on a single dashboard as Ethermon can directly index their NFTs on Pandora. Therefore, users will be able to speculate on the prices of NFTs and record the information to make any decision later.

It is not staggering that NFTs and blockchain game NFTs are creating incessant buzz around the globe. The play-to-earn NFT games are the hottest virtual world, luring people into the market to have their own platform to own & earn simply by playing a blockchain game. But the issue of liquidity in the NFT ecosystem has been blocking them from investing. Not anymore, Pandora is here with a vision to create a highly-liquid decentralized ecosystem for the community.

The partnership between Pandora and Ethermon will boost the vision of making Metaverses and Gaming NFTs more accessible and increase user utility and community engagement.

About Ethermon

Ethermon is a play-to-earn game ecosystem, revolving around dynamic Mon NFTs and spanning a growing number of platforms and blockchains. It launched as the first NFT battle game on Ethereum in 2017 and was acquired by the community in 2019 — continuing as a community-driven project ever since. Players can enter PVP battle tournaments on or explore and battle with their Mons across the Ethermon District in Decentraland. The team’s mission is to turn the largest DCL gaming district (668 LAND) into the most active and immersive full-scale MMO-inspired experience in the metaverse.

For more information: Website | Twitter | Telegram

About Pandora Finance

A decentralized on-chain protocol that is designed for NFTs to coexist in the interoperable ecosystem. We are leveraging the existing blockchain infrastructure and building a protocol that will allow the developers to create the storefronts, marketplaces, mint NFTs and trade the multiple assets globally. The protocol will ensure liquidity across the channels and empower users to expand the arena of their NFT projects.

For more information: link




Pandora is a hybrid Open Finance solution for problems faced by both traditional finance and decentralised finance.

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