10 Cloverfield Lane — Review

In ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Michelle, a woman fleeing New York City and a bad relationship. Driving through a small town her car is T-boned by a truck and then she wakes up in a basement with an IV in her arm and a chain on her leg. John Goodman soon enters and explains to her that there’s been an attack on the US — whether it’s the Russians, Koreans or the Martians, he’s not sure — and insists no one can leave his bunker as the air outside is toxic.

Also trapped underground with these two is Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.), an aw-shucks underachiever who seems to be well-intentioned. All three leads are excellent; Winstead makes for a strong and likable heroine, Gallagher brings an interesting mundane aspect to the weird situation and Goodman nails both the frightening and humorous aspects of his character.

I’ve actually never seen ‘Cloverfield,’ so I can’t make any comparison comments, though apparently they don’t have a great deal in common (no motion sickness here at least, a common complaint I recall hearing about the first film). I can tell you though that this is a terrific little thriller — cool, suspenseful, darkly funny and even kind of original. I encourage you see it soon (before some asshole spoils it on Facebook) and with a big audience. Don’t worry, they’ll shut up and stop texting once this baby gets going; at least mine sure as Hell did…

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