“Trust me, people will forget about this when that Star Wars thing comes out.”

Inferno — Review

In ‘Inferno’ Ben Foster plays a insane billionaire who creates a super-virus to knock off half the world’s population, therefore prolonging human life on earth. But that wouldn’t be enough, would it? Nope, he’s gotta make some dumb puzzle out of this thing inspired by Dante’s Inferno so Dan Brown’s heroic professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) can solve it — or not. I’ll save you some time here: this is a stupid movie you should not see. The talent of great actors (Hanks, Felicity Jones and Omar Sy) is wasted, ridiculous twists and double-crosses are thrown into the mix to substitute for an actual story and the action is edited like a 12-year-old with iMovie who just saw a ‘Bourne’ movie for the first time and said “Hey, I bet I can do that.”

I think it’s about time Hollywood learned that while the Dan Brown novels may pass the time nicely on an airplane, they don’t seem to work on the big screen too well. I wish I could say I wouldn’t have expected the talented director Ron Howard and screenwriter David Koepp to make a lame, unnecessary sequel no one wanted in the first place, but then I guess they’d already done that with ‘Angels & Demons’ in 2009. Here’s hoping they don’t do it again.

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