Life in 2035 : A 13 Year Old’s View of the Future

“Take me home please”

“Yes, Rohan I am starting the engine right now, would you like to stop anywhere?”

“No, just take me home.”

“Yes, Rohan.”

I reach home, and step out of the car, it says, “Thank you for riding”, and then it parks itself in the garage, where it hooks itself to solar powered charging. I step in front of the door; it scans my body and the door opens. Walking inside I request my robot, Stan, to get me a glass of milk and to order me a pizza. Stan quickly calls a restaurant and orders a barbecue chicken pizza with extra red onions. Soon my doorbell rings and I walk to the door where I collect my pizza from the drone. I take a wiff of the pizza and I knew the cheese had been made fresh today. Alongside Stan gives me a glass of milk from our enzyme reactor. I devour the pizza, drink the milk and then go upstairs to my personal game room. I put on my AR glasses,and quickly check my e-mails in mid air. Next I swipe through the air to watch a live soccer game. Fionel Messi is on the left wing and crosses the ball to Seymar. I duck as it felt like the ball were going to hit me. Seymar receives the cross and scores. “GOOOOOOAAAAAAL!” the crowd screams! FC Barcelona wins! I take my AR glasses off and the game disappears. Walking to my bed I tell Stan to set my alarm for 5:00 in the morning.

I doze off to sleep I wake up next morning to a monotonous beeping sound and say, “Turn alarm off”. The sound dies down. Quickly I wear my shoes and get ready for my morning jog. I begin runing and my fit bit triple plus starts detailing me on my vital levels for my body. It tells me I require specialized probiotics in my body today and maybe another evening jog. Once my jog is completed I go inside my house where Stan greets me with a personalized drink to get my probiotics intake. I quickly drink it and go upstairs to my office. I put my AR glasses on where I can see my buisness partners ready to discuss our next move to develop super sonic transportation to space.

“Rohan, you may have to head out to China to discuss our future plans with our investors.” said one of the partners.

“Do I really have to Josh, I can just host an augmented reality meeting?”

“This is an important deal, it would be great if you could add a personal touch.” replies Josh

I reply by saying, “I will head out right now.”

I get inside my car and tell it to take me to the airport. It drives me their and I get off, get scanned (no more security check) and I board the super sonic jet. After an hour trip from the US I am in China. A fuber (future Uber) comes and picks me up and takes me to our investor’s house. Once I reach I am greeted by his robot, Rob and am shown to the office. I hold a meeting and once it’s over I board another super sonic jet back home.

This short story displays the emerging technologies that will be integrated into our lives such as self driving cars, augmented reality, synthetic biology, supersonic transportation, artificial intelligence, robotics and renewable energy.

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