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What is Panels Project?

Panels Project launch his first carbon neutral NFT project on Cronos chain.
This simple sentence sums up our ambition very well, but a development is necessary so that you understand our complete vision.

To explain what Panels Project represents, we will start by justifying the choice of our environment, the Cronos chain, and then detail the different processes that our team will put in place as we go along.

Here is a short summary:

  • Cronos Chain
  • Carbon neutrality
  • The deployment of solar panels
  • The creation of our economy (token, Staking NFT …)
  • The second collection
  • P2E
  • Roadmap

Let’s start !

First of all, we have chosen the Cronos chain for a simple and unique reason: we believe in this blockchain. The different development strategies chosen by lead us to believe that the environment created behind Cronos will grow rapidly in 2022. This decision represents both a risk and a great opportunity to become the first carbon neutral NFT project on this blockchain.

But how will we achieve carbon neutrality?

The ecological problems caused by NFTs are huge. According to an analysis conducted by Memo Akthen, the footprint of a single NFT-related transaction on the SuperRare platform, calculated over all 80,000 transactions (including mint, auctions, sales, transfers, etc.) is 82 kWh, with emissions of 48 kg of CO2.

This analysis, which should be taken with a grain of salt, remains a key element of our reflection.

Therefore, to reach our ambition, we decided to create, with a designer, a collection of 5 555 NFTs with a 5% of royalties, which will allow us to pay the necessary carbon taxes to compensate the 48kgCO2.

Nevertheless the use of the royalties to pay the taxes will only last a short time…

In addition to using the royalties to be carbon neutral, our vision goes much further, as we are currently developing the installation of solar panels in Senegal and the donation of ecological lamps.

This action, entirely charitable, will allow us to do two things:

  • to help people
  • achieve carbon neutrality of the NFT part without using royalties

The deployment of the panels will be done in association with charitable organizations and on site. Afterwards, the royalties will eventually be used for the marketing of the project and others.

And yes, as you may have read, the NFTs are only a part of the project…

The second part of the project is an important part of our economy. Our desire is to create an ecosystem around Panels Project so that our community is satisfied.

That’s why our team decided to start with two things:

  • First: the creation of our token, but why?

The creation of our token is an essential step in the progress of Panels Project. This part will give us the opportunity to launch our own ecosystem which, as it grows, will allow us to develop our different strategies.

  • Second: launching a staking of NFTs, but what is the point?

To succeed in rewarding our community in the healthiest way, we have chosen to launch a staking system that will both produce a passive income for holders and avoid the various problems related to dumper, whale etc. …

Obviously, our community remains essential, and so we thought of another event …

This collection will have several particularities. Firstly, it will be in 3D. In a second time, it will be airdropped to the different holders of the first generation and to design this collection, we will call upon specialized designers who will reproduce the NFTs of the first generation.

We will adapt the airdropped holder according to the mint of the first generation. This step is necessary to guarantee a certain stability to our community.

Finally, this 3D collection will be usable …

For the moment, the design of this part is still on model. We will call on experienced developers who will think about :

  • the style of the game
  • the development of the game taking into account our token and the transfer of NFTs

Of course, we would like to remind you that this roadmap depends on the first mint. As soon as the latter will be completed we will be able to take action and develop Panels Project which will have for final goal to be entirely carbon neutral.

The Roadmap :

Thanks for reading ! We hope you appreciate it, don’t hesitate to contact us right here :

Oh by the way, hope you liked the pics before the roadmap …



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Panels Project

Panels Project

Writer for the first Carbone neutral on Cronos Chain