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It’s Pangolin’s Birthday! Introducing an entirely new DEX trading experience!

Pangolin turns one year old today! 🎂

A year ago today, Feb 8th 2021 marked the birth of Pangolin. That was the day when the original Pangolin smart contracts were deployed to the Avalanche C-Chain.

The year since has been an incredible journey of both building a world-class team at running a DEX and developing innovative trading features within a best-in-class user experience from a visionary DEX. On our first birthday, Pangolin is announcing the biggest and most comprehensive changes that we’ve ever released to both the Pangolin brand and DEX experience. Pangolin is reborn! 🎉

New Logo. New UI. New features. New beginnings.

Pangolin Logo Reveal Video

Let’s examine these changes in greater detail.

NEW LOGO: Since Pangolin has grown and matured over the past year, we felt it was time to give our brand and logo a refresh that accurately reflects Pangolin’s vision for the future of DeFi in an increasingly multi-chain world.

Of course, we’re still an approachable, community focused project that emphasizes safety, security and visionary innovation but with a more tailored personality. Think less rough edges and a more polished look, just like our new user experience on Pangolin DEX.

Old to New Pangolin Logos

NEW UI & Features: For nearly the entire year since Pangolin’s original launch, we’ve been discussing, redesigning, prototyping and developing user interface improvements that go way beyond the Uniswap V2 UI. We’re excited to finally release these as a beta to the public.

  • The changes in our new UI make for a better overall trading platform, allowing you to manage your overall portfolio all from one place.
  • We’ve made using Pangolin easier than ever by removing and/or automating unnecessary steps from what the user is required to do depending on what part of Pangolin’s trading platform they are using.
  • We’ve put features in place that give users more control that allows them to customize their DEX experience (Ex. partial claim versus claim all rewards).
New Pangolin Dashboard

The Pangolin team is incredibly excited and proud of the new UI & features just released but don’t take our word for it. Go use it yourself and share your feedback with us. We want to hear from everyone!

To celebrate the launch of Pangolin V2 Beta we are giving away 5,000 $PNG 5 $AVAX and 5 $LUNA 🔥🔥🔥

5 Winners. 1 week. How to win?

✅Try out the new UI

✅Screenshot/Video — tell us what you like

✅Quote Retweet

Those are some sweet rewards for an even better trading experience than the one you already use!

Pangolin will be releasing a steady stream of tutorials and how-to-guides based on using the new UI over the next several weeks. Keep an eye on our medium page for these updates.



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