New Chain Announcement: Pangolin Launching on Hedera

Pangolin Exchange
Pangolin Exchange
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2 min readJan 3, 2023


Pangolin brings its one-stop, tech-agnostic decentralized exchange to Hedera

Pangolin Exchange, an established decentralized exchange (DEX) focusing on user-friendly decentralized tools and products with multichain scalability, has announced it will launch on Hedera.

Pangolin is one of the most popular and trusted DEXs on the Avalanche blockchain, with over $16B in total trading volume, 3K token pairs listed, and 10M swaps on their platform. This year, Pangolin has launched on Songbird Network and announced plans for NEAR, Flare, and now Hedera.

Pangolin DAO is excited to bring their combined Avalanche and Songbird experiences to the Hedera community. The DEX will take advantage of Hedera’s:

  • Carbon Negative network
  • Fixed fee model
  • Well-established enterprises
  • Growing community

Pangolin’s upcoming BridgeSwap and HoneyComb integrations aim to increase the number of users traveling cross-chain, offer in-dApp swap functionality to partner projects, and bootstrap liquidity for the network.

Hedera and Pangolin share the mission of empowering builders to unlock the potential of decentralized systems. Pangolin is excited to integrate into Hedera’s new approach to decentralization and its fast, secure, and scalable network that makes sense for a wide variety of use cases.

About Pangolin Exchange

Pangolin is a multichain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche and Songbird Networks. Through advanced tooling, deep liquidity, and smooth onboarding, Pangolin offers easy swaps and a great experience for projects and traders.

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Pangolin Exchange
Pangolin Exchange

Pangolin is a multichain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche, Songbird, Flare, and Hedera Networks.