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New Pangolin Telegram Group Explained

Why we deleted 10k users and started a New Telegram group

You may not know, but our original Pangolin Telegram group dates back to the earliest days of Avalanche. It was created by some of the first pioneers to build and was a fascinating historical record.

It was an excellent channel with 160k+ messages and over 10k users that has been a cornerstone of the Pangolin community.

Unfortunately, with its history came an anon owner who created the group.

When the Core Team took the reins of Pangolin, full ownership of Telegram was never transferred. Over the past weeks, the anon owner resurfaced after almost a year and started promoting new anon admins without any communication.

To keep our community safe, we assumed the worst-case scenario, a hacked account having ownership of our Telegram group. So we acted quickly and in the community’s best interests. We now have complete ownership over a new group with fresh vibes.

While it is nostalgic to say goodbye to such a historical channel, it will be a clean start for the future of Pangolin and an exciting way to kick off the rest of 2022.

As always, thanks for your support. We’ll announce our Q2 Roadmap in the coming weeks with some really exciting updates. Click here to join a fresh conversation on our newly minted Telegram channel.



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