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Pangolin Integrates Multichain Wallet XDEFI

The first multichain wallet with a built-in DEX/Bridge aggregator

We are pleased to announce that Pangolin has integrated XDEFI Wallet into our platform. The Pangolin community now has easy access to cross-chain swaps and bridging capabilities.

Both Pangolin and XDEFI envision a future that offers seamless multichain compatibility. Our partnership will create an easy path for new users to operate on other chains for the first time and easily bridge back to Avalanche when needed.

Engineered For a Multichain Future

XDEFI Wallet is a chain agnostic wallet where you can store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. It is the first multichain wallet with a built-in DEX/Bridge aggregator, allowing users to seamlessly swap and bridge across chains.

With XDEFI Wallet, you can do more than basic swaps. Their extension allows you to display and manage NFTs in a customizable gallery from every chain.

You can also access and interact with 9,000+ dApps from ten different blockchains directly from your wallet.

They offer fast, permissionless cross-chain swaps and staking and earning directly from within the wallet.

A Home For All Your Assets

With their Avalanche integration, you can now interact with all Avalanche protocols and store, send, manage, and receive PNG, AVAX, and all native Avalanche tokens and NFTs.

Using their crosschain swaps and bridging capabilities, you can explore multiple new chains and easily come back to Avalanche whenever you need.

XDEFI Wallet’s goal is to become the number #1 multichain wallet for all DeFi users and NFT collectors and we’re thrilled to offer their services to the Pangolin community.

Here are some guides to kickstart your XDEFI Wallet experience:

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How to import a wallet into XDEFI Wallet using a seed phrase or .json keystore

How to buy $ETH and $USDC in XDEFI Wallet

What are cross-chain bridges and how do I use them?

Learn more about XDEFI Wallet

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Pangolin is a multichain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche and Songbird Networks.