Q2 2022 Roadmap: Crossing Chains and Taking Names

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3 min readApr 14, 2022

You’ve waited patiently, and now the time has come to present our Q2 2022 Roadmap.

This quarter, we are:

  • Prioritizing features and communication improvements catered to loyal community members
  • Implementing infrastructure for a multi-chain Pangolin
  • Prioritizing products and services that will increase fee revenue

Over the next three months, expect to see the following.

V2 is Leaving Beta

We launched Pangolin V2 Beta in Q1 with massive UI and feature improvements. We will polish V2 and move it out of beta in the coming months, making it the default for https://app.pangolin.exchange/.

After the Storm Comes Sunshine and Rainbows (SAR)

Sunshine and Rainbows (SAR) is a novel staking algorithm developed in-house at Pangolin. SAR contracts will utilize a novel algorithm and introduce multiple new concepts in tokenomics and staking architecture.

In this algorithm, staking duration is an extra factor for calculating user rewards. For example, someone staking for a month would have a higher APR than someone staking for one day. This model is not only limited to single-sided PNG staking but it can be used wherever PNG is emitted.

In simpler terms, it is a new staking model that will reward loyal stakers and liquidity providers relatively more than people who dump the rewards.

Community and Content Overhaul

We wouldn’t have a reason to do anything without our community. And we are renovating the way we deliver content and value to our PNG holders.

We will implement gated channels in Discord, giving access to insider reports and more in-depth conversations about how our DAO operates.

Our social channels are a tool that needs sharpening. We are restructuring the content and campaigns we deliver to add more value to current and future community members.

Cross-Chain Airdrops for PNG Holders

In Q1, we received a grant to build a NEAR-native version of our platform. In Q2, we’ll not only be building our DEX on NEAR, but we’ll also actively explore other chains.

As a thank you to our supporters, we will be airdropping tokens on each new chain to PNG holders, stakers, and PNG-AVAX liquidity providers. We’ve created an algorithm that distributes airdropped tokens based on time and quantity held.

More Bridges, Fewer Walls

Aligning with our cross-chain launches, we will integrate the Axelar and Wormhole bridges into Pangolin’s UI.

You will be able to use Pangolin to trade on multiple chains and seamlessly bridge using UST as a vehicle.

DEX as a Service — DaaS

DaaS is our newest product offering and is available for any project on the C-Chain or subnets.

Projects will easily integrate Pangolin’s swap widget onto their dApps. They can access all Pangolin’s functionality directly on their interface, including limit orders, in less than an hour.

DeFi Kingdoms is our first DaaS partner, integrating our swap widget into their Crystalvale Outpost. This gives them access to all the liquidity pairs and functions of our swap feature, including limit orders. While simultaneously increasing volume on Pangolin thanks to the traffic driven from their user base.

We will proactively reach out to potential DaaS partners throughout Q2 to further build our network.

New Wallet Integrations

We will support new wallets during Q2. We’re actively working on integrations with xDEFI, NEAR wallet, and others. These integrations will focus on building cross-chain capabilities, aligning with our launches on other chains.

Zapping and Migrate

We are simplifying LP creation with a single transaction Zap feature. Zap will allow users to switch from a single asset into a double-sided LP token. You can create an LP token with a single transaction instead of spending additional gas fees.

We will also release a new migrate feature to migrate your liquidity tokens. If you have not moved your liquidity from Pangolin V1 yet, you may be losing out on daily rewards.

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Pangolin Exchange
Pangolin Exchange

Pangolin is a multichain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche, Songbird, Flare, and Hedera Networks.